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Thanks to the support of EU funds, public and private he althcare institutions can offer patients comprehensive services in the field of diagnostics and treatment of neoplastic diseases.

The Operational Program Knowledge, Education, Development (POWER) and regional programs (RPO) put emphasis on prevention. Thanks to subsidies and support for cooperation between highly specialized centers and primary care physicians and general hospitals, the patient can receive the necessary help in one place.

The beneficiaries of these subsidies may be, inter alia, public and non-public he alth care institutions having a contract with the National He alth Fund or the Ministry of He alth, employers, non-governmental organizations and local governments. ROP projects are to be used by residents of a given voivodeship of working age, in particular people over 50, because they are generally eligible for preventive and rehabilitation programs.

The Voivodeship Cancer Center in Gdańsk benefited from the subsidies from the European Funds for the years 2007 - 2013. The hospital, with the support of European funds, significantly expanded its diagnostic section and doctor's offices. Modern diagnostic equipment was also purchased.

- We treat people suffering from oncological disease. It is our dream and goal that in one place, in one hospital, the patient could receive all the necessary help to recover or a comprehensive prophylaxis service - says Dr. Irena Czech, Vice President of the Board of the Provincial Cancer Center.-Thanks to the support from EU funds, we bought, among others, radiological equipment, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. These are very expensive cameras. We also purchased a very modern X-ray machine, an ultrasound machine and a digital mammograph, as well as equipment for endoscopic examinations - videocolonoscopes and videogastroscopes with all the equipment necessary for endoscopic examinations - lists Dr. Czech.
The cost of the project is nearly PLN 12.5 million, of which over PLN 9 million came from European funds. The profit from the project implementation is huge. First of all, the benefits were achieved by patients, as the availability of highly specialized medical services has improved. Oncological prophylaxis has developed in the hospitaland increased the detection of precancerous conditions. The waiting time for most of the tests has been reduced from two months to two weeks.

-Here we are limited by the contract with the National He alth Fund, because the tests could be used by many more patients than at the moment - explains Dr. Czech. A comprehensive service in the field of diagnostics and treatment of neoplastic diseases has been introduced.-When we did not have these machines, the patient was referred for an MRI and had to find a place where he could register and wait for the examination. The whole family was often involved in the search, as it is a very troublesome task for the patient. And today we have everything we need in one building. This is extremely important, because we treat patients from the entire voivodeship and neighboring voivodeships - says Dr. Czech.

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