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Oligocene water from a street spring, kept at home in a plastic canister, after several dozen hours is not suitable for drinking. Therefore, especially in summer, we advise you to switch to drinking mineral water.

Mineral wateris a great thirst-quencher, and at the same time replenishes the deficiency of micronutrients in the body. Mineral waters are divided into table, spa and healing waters. Table waters are either drawn from natural sources or distilled water enriched with mineral s alts. A he alth resort should contain at least 200 milligrams of solids per liter - sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Onlywatercan be recognized as a healing agent, which will undergo comprehensive tests, and the results will be approved by the Ministry of He alth. Table and spa waters can be drunk by everyone, without any restrictions. Afterhealing watersit is better not to reach for it without consulting a doctor.

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Mineral water - a source of valuable minerals

Medicinal waters do not stand on the shelves in grocery stores. They can be purchased in specialized establishments and pharmacies. Water rich in iodine bromide is used in the treatment of the upper respiratory tract. Iron-containing water helps with anemia, and magnesium-containing waters soothe the nervous system. For allergy sufferers, magnesium and calcium waters are recommended, while those with a high arsenic content are used as doping and hematopoietic agents.
Minerals dissolved in water are easily digestible. Sodium has a positive effect on the body's water balance, potassium will improve muscle work, calcium will improve metabolism, and magnesium will ease problems with sleep and stress, and will also contribute to the prevention of cancer, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Selenium will support the fight against allergies, fluoride will strengthen the skeleton and teeth. Mineral water is especially recommended for people who are slimming, because it flushes the kidneys and intestines, stimulates the metabolism.


In the production of table mineral water, water is first separated from gas, sediment (e.g. excess iron) is precipitated from it, and then it is saturated with carbon dioxide again.

A small (0.33 liter) bottle of Kujawianka, Krystynka or Staropolanka supplies up to 10 percent of the required calcium. The same portion of Pearl Bałtyku, Grodziska or Nałęczowianka contains about 4 percentthe daily amount of iron.

Mineral water - sparkling or still?

Natural mineral waters contain dissolved gases, including carbon dioxide, which easily dissolves in water and oxidizes from it on contact with air, creating bubbles that dance in the water. At the same time, it carries valuable ingredients washed out of underground rocks - iron, calcium, magnesium and numerous microelements. Carbon dioxide also extends the shelf life of mineral water. Makes the sparkling drink refreshing, tasty and perfectly quenches thirst. And most of all, there are no calories at all. He althy people can drink carbonated water without fear. However, according to gastroenterologists, they are not recommended for digestive ailments, flatulence or indigestion. Bubble water should also not be given to young children.

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