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Polish cuisine - hearty, tasty and certainly he althy. It will become perfect when we get rid of the usual dietary patterns. It is therefore worth debunking the last bastion of myths about the "iron points" of our diet, e.g. sandwiches, cold cuts, soups with cream.

Daily sandwich with cheese and / or cold cuts for lunch

This is the most commonsandwichmodel that parents make for their kids to school, people bring them to work, and you can buy them at many bars. The sandwich generally consists of low-value white bread (empty calories), but it is high in saturated fat (butter and cheese), and cold cuts - as we have known for a long time - are processed products, high in preservatives and fillers ( often preparations made of genetically modified soybeans).
» What instead?
Sandwich made of wholemeal bread spread with soft avocado, with lettuce leaves, with a piece of meat, baked with herbs in a home oven with lettuce leaves. You can also make a bean or lentil pate with boiled vegetables, ground linseed, egg and olive oil. Then coat the bread with tomato puree with basil, and put pieces of pate inside. Another solution is to make a fruit and vegetable salad for lunch with your favorite ingredients, seasonal if possible.

Wash your meal with tea

Still very popular, although it is not recommended to wash it down with drinks at all. Especially with tea, as it can inhibit the absorption of iron from meals. We drink liquids between meals, at least half an hour before and after. The exception is alcoholic drinks, which complement the taste of the dishes (wine with dinner or a glass of vodka with herring).

Scrambled eggs for breakfast

There is a pattern of a nutritious Polish breakfast that cannot do without eggs, especially in the form of scrambled eggs, fried in butter, sprinkled with sausage. in every form. Meanwhile, scrambled eggs in our diet are a caloric and cholesterol bomb and exhaust the cholesterol limit for the whole day. And although it is associated with a festive meal, it is eaten more than once a week, in addition with white bread and washed down with sweet tea or coffee.
» What instead?
We can make a nutritious, warming breakfast thatit will additionally have warming properties. By boiling oatmeal or millet in water, adding sliced ​​banana, nuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and cloves to it, we will provide the body with the necessary carbohydrates. Such breakfast will be much more nutritious and will have a positive effect on our he alth and well-being. Fresh juice to drink, e.g. from carrots and grapefruit.

Kajzerka as basic bread

Refined wheat flour, which is used to make white bread, is devoid of the most valuable nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Often, white bread baked in supermarkets is prepared from previously frozen dough with the addition of leavening agents and preservatives. Such bread cannot promote he alth.
» What in return?
Let's eat bread made of wholemeal flour. It is best if it is sourdough bread. And if we can't part with white bread, let's buy bread made of rye flour, not wheat, and eat it once or twice a week.

Sausages for children

There are no hot dogs on the market that are especially intended for children. Even if they are called that, they have the same recipe as ordinary, fat sausages. Sausages from the child's diet should be completely eliminated. They have low nutritional value and high saturated fat content, and are made from low-quality ingredients. It is worth reading the information about the ingredients on the product packaging to know what we feed the baby.
» What in return?
It's best to prepare it yourself at home. Lean cheese cottage cheese with a little cream or yogurt and chives, egg paste with cottage cheese, homemade lean meat pate, the already mentioned vegetable pate.

A glass of milk=he alth

The most common milk sold today is processed milk - UHT. Therefore, the structure of the protein in this milk is not the same as in fresh milk. Moreover, cow's milk protein is not well tolerated by the digestive system by everyone.
» What in return?
A more digestible form of dairy products is kefir, yoghurt (note the addition of sugar) and cottage cheese.

Chicken broth in sickness

The quality of poultry from mass breeding more and more often leaves much to be desired. It is influenced by the composition of fodder enriched with substances accelerating growth and weight gain. A decoction of such meat will not help with the disease.
» What in return?
Vegetable broth with cloves, thyme, ginger and olive oil. It takes a long time to simmer to get the full flavor. It will be nutritious,warming, strengthening and he althy.

Sour cream in every soup

In Polish cuisine, soups: tomato, cucumber, mushroom, vegetable (and all its varieties) are seasoned with cream, which is usually too much. Excess cream makes all soups taste similar and significantly increases the caloric value due to the high fat content.
» What in return?
An alternative to our Polish tomato soup will be a tomato cream with the addition of olive oil, basil and roasted sunflower seeds. Cucumber can do well without cream, but let's add more dill and thyme to it. And if the soup is necessarily with cream, add it on the plate, about half a teaspoon per serving.

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