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Snowfeet is a sport that makes a real sensation on foreign slopes! In Poland, snowfeet is still little known, but the necessary equipment can be successfully purchased online. This sport is an imitation of ice skating with special overlays attached to the bones. Snowfeet is said to be versatile, simple and safe. Find out what snowfeet really is and who can try their hand at this weird winter sport!

What exactly is snowfeet? This sport is an imitation of skating with equipment similar to skis and snowboard. This innovative physical activity gains a larger group of fans every season. No wonder snowfeet is versatile, easy to learn and safe.

Snowfeet is a compromise between skiing and skating. Snowfeet equipment is only a specially designed shoe cover. Apparently only one thing, but what! The overlays resemble sandals, but are put on your own winter footwear. You can perform slides and sport stunts that so far were only possible with snowboard and skis. They say less is more - and that's what snowfeet is!

What is snowfeet?

Snowfeet is an innovative type of winter sport which is a combination of skiing and skating with a small snowboard element. It sounds interesting? Indeed! Snowfeet incorporates the best features of these three popular winter sports and combines them into one.

It is all about snowfeet equipment and its mechanics, i.e. riding shoes. They are commonly called winter sandals and it does not differ much from the truth.

In snowfeet, ordinary winter boots are fitted with a snowboard-like frame to immobilize the ankles and fix the feet to the board. In turn, plastic covers are attached to the frame, which allow you to slide on the snow, just like we do when skiing. In this way, we can ski on the slopes, having only a specially prepared clasp under our shoes!

Snowfeet was invented by a former skier who was fed up with multiple falls on the slope and a bruised body. As an experienced athlete, he allowed himself to pursue a crazy one, but as it turns out a brilliant idea - he went down the slope in slippers! This is how he was bornnew sports hit of the winter season - snowfeet.

Snowfeet - what does the overlay look like?

Snowfeet overlay, i.e. equipment that is put on winter boots, is a specially constructed plastic clasp. The upper part consists of two adjustable straps, similar to the ones used to fasten ski and snowboard boots. On the other hand, the underside of the snowfeet overlay is a shoe-sized insole with a bottom that allows you to ride on snow.

The sole of the snowfeeets works on a similar principle as the sleds adapted to mountain rescue, i.e. mini toboggans. It also has a streamlined shape (rounded edges), thanks to which it allows you to smoothly negotiate thicker layers of snow.

Snowfeets are similar to skis, but have a lot more options. When we take a ride on the slope in them, they will act like real snowshoes! Thanks to them, we will gain great freedom of movement and speed without any special physical effort.

Snowfeety is also suitable for tougher slopes and trails thanks to its lightweight and body-friendly design. The technique of riding on swowfeetach is similar to skating, thanks to which we can use them to overcome various slopes and inconveniences encountered on the route, as well as perform complex figures and tricks.

The price of snowfeets varies from about $ 100 to $ 200 per pair, or about PLN 370-750.

In addition to the overlays necessary for driving, you should also equip yourself with high, stable winter boots, a warm jacket and pants, and a helmet.

Snowfeet - snowfeet slope

Snowfeet can only be grown in the winter season and on specially prepared surfaces. For snowfeet skiing, you should choose blue routes - long and steep slopes or just flat surfaces, e.g. forest paths.

Why? Due to the small surface of the equipment, its lightness and the lack of additional accessories (e.g. poles), it is much more difficult to stop on a steep slope, when we take a relatively high speed.

Snowfeet is quite an easy sport and if we have ever tried our hand at winter sports, we will successfully master this physical activity as well. Snowfeet is intended for both beginners and experienced athletes who, thanks to the snowfeet, will be able to perform many stunts and complicated tricks, e.g. reverse skating, turns, jumps on the ramp.

Snowfeet - Pros and Cons

The advantages of snowfeet are:

  1. Ease of skating: Snowfeet riding is like ice skating, so everyone will get thisaction in minutes!
  2. Handy equipment: snowfeets are so small and light that you can pack them anywhere, e.g. in a backpack, or take them in your hand. This feature is especially useful when we have to go up the hill and unfasten our "winter sandals".
  3. Minimized risk of injury: if we follow the safety rules of snowfeet riding and do not go on steep and dangerous routes, we will certainly not get any injuries while riding. High winter ankle boots and handy equipment protect and at the same time allow you to ride freely on the slope.
  4. Cheap equipment: the snowfeet attachment is inexpensive compared to the cost of other winter equipment, so anyone willing can afford it.
  5. Snowfeet can be practiced by everyone, both adults and children, but there is one condition - the foot size must be from 38 to 46.

There are not many disadvantages of snowfeet. These include:

  1. Braking Difficulty: Snowfeets are so small and light that it is quite difficult to brake with them. However, if we do not drive too fast and we have mastered the braking technique, we will not be able to fall down.
  2. No use of ski lifts: when we decide to snowfeet, we should only choose slopes with chairlifts. Otherwise we have to climb the mountain with our own legs.

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