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New potatoes with the addition of curdled milk and dill - who does not like this combination? Some people use the names new and early potatoes interchangeably. This is a mistake. They are two different types of potatoes. But how to distinguish early from young potatoes and which ones are he althier?

Potatoes are the basis of many Polish dishes and probably the most frequently eaten vegetable on our tables. They can be eaten in various forms. But perhaps the most delicious ones are those that appear in spring, which can be eaten cooked without peeling the skin.

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Young and early potatoes - how to distinguish them?

Young and early potatoes differ mainly inthe timeappears on our market. While new potatoes are usually available inMay / June , early potatoes are available for purchase as early as … inApril,and even in March.

Young and early potatoes - what's the difference?

Early potatoesis a term for a variety of potatoes, which include, for example, varieties:

  • Arielle,
  • Berber,
  • Denar,
  • Fresco.

- In addition to early potatoes, there are alsomid-early ,lateandmid-late , which appear on store shelves until late autumn and throughout the winter - explains Agnieszka Piskała-Topczewska, nutrition specialist.

Early potatoes are actuallyold potato tubers of early varieties , which are brought to Poland, e.g. fromGreeceorCyprus . These imported tubers often have auniform, smooth skinwhich must be peeled anyway.

The transport of these potatoes from other countries requires special protection against rotting and deterioration, therefore these potatoes are often excessivelydried , and sometimes also sprinkledwith chemicals.

Young potatoes , i.e. the first tubers, can be recognized by the fact that they havesmall sizeandthin skin , which is slightly peeling. They are muchless caloricthan early potatoes because they contain a lot of water and less starch. They also haveshorter lifetimeithey lose their freshness quickly, therefore they are not suitable for longer storage.

Young potato only from Poland!

In terms oftaste, nutritional and calorific valuedefinitelynew potatoes have an advantage , which dominate our tables in spring, regardless of from how they are served.
- A young potato is a vegetable that has not yet been fully formed. However, in the case of potatoes available in stores from mid-April and signed as "young", most likely we are dealing with an early variety. Therefore, when shopping, let's look at them carefully, choose those that arefirm ,unbrokenandsmooth , preferably unwrapped andunwashed . Let's not get confused by these incorrectly used interchangeable names "young" and "early", and above all, let's wait for the Polish ones that are the tastiest and he althiest - advises Agnieszka Piskała-Topczewska.

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