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In the first months of the baby's life, the natural pH of 5.5 is fixed for he althy skin, and then you must not use cosmetics that could inhibit this process. Therefore, do not buy a lot of baby care preparations. Think about what you will really need.

- From the store shelf, choose preparations intended for use from the first days of lifeof the child , with a neutral reaction to the skin - says Dr. Ewa Springer, MD, specialist in children's diseases. - Suchcosmetics for babiesshould also have a limited number of ingredients. They cannot contain sulfactants, i.e. foaming substances, or fragrances or dyes. All this to reduce the risk of irritation. Parents must therefore read the information on the packaging carefully.

Baby care: important test and recommendation

Cosmetics should be certified by the National Institute of Hygiene. But be careful! It only proves that the list of ingredients on the packaging complies with the actual content of the preparation. In addition to the approval, we look for recommendations from institutions such as the Institute of Mother and Child or the Children's He alth Center. If such centers recommend a cosmetic, it means that they take responsibility for its composition and safety.

You will definitely need a mild soap to wash your newborn baby with a neutral pH or a bath lotion, e.g. with vitamin E and mild moisturizing substances. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, leaves a delicate protective layer and prevents it from drying out.

After bathing, you can choose milk, olive or powder. The powder creates an insulating layer that protects the skin against damage, but you have to be careful not to clump it into lumps that would rub the delicate skin - because then the chafing is ready. The powder can be enriched with ingredients that soothe irritation and reduce sweating, e.g. zinc oxide. The milk has the advantage that it is the best lubricant and moisturizer of all cosmetics. Olive also has oiling properties. - However, olive must be used with caution in children with sensitive skin - says Dr. Ewa Springer. - The vegetable oils used in the production of these cosmetics may irritate or sensitize.

Wet wipes will come in handy when scrolling. If your child is prone to chafing, you will need italso a special diaper cream, which creates a protective barrier against irritants. It perfectly soothes the pain of irritated skin and accelerates the regeneration process.


Why is baby skin so delicate?

It is several times thinner than an adult. Moreover, the connections between the epidermal cells are loose and all substances from the outside can easily penetrate them. In addition, a very thin lipid coat does not adequately protect the skin against frost, sun or even coarse clothes. Young skin also has little pigment, which makes it almost defenseless against ultraviolet radiation.

Baby care: important cream with UV filter

You must not forget about the appropriate protection of the skin against the sun and cold. In summer, let's smear your little one with sunscreen. Let's look for a preparation to be used from the first days of life, containing physical (i.e. mineral) filters with the SPF 50 factor. It should be applied in a fairly thick layer at least every two hours.

Outside, protect your child from mosquitoes, flies and ticks, using appropriate insect repellent. Some of them can be used from the first month of life. If you can't protect your toddler from insects, a bite cooling gel will help soothe itching and burning. In winter, however, remember to lubricate your mouth with a greasy cream that does not contain water, which will protect your delicate skin from frost.

Baby care

The skin of a child is much more resistant than that of an infant. If its care does not cause any problems, you can introduce cosmetics with detergents, e.g. ordinary soap. It is especially useful when the child gets very dirty. However, the more often we use detergents, the more intensively we should moisturize and lubricate the skin.

- Cosmetics for a one-year-old child no longer have to be recommended by important institutions - explains Dr. Ewa Springer. - However, they should necessarily come from the series for children and have a neutral pH. You still have to remember to test each introduced preparation first on a small area of ​​the child's skin. If no allergic reaction occurs after 3-4 days, the product is safe.

4-year-old care

- In fact, the skin matures until the child is four years old - says Dr. Ewa Springer. - After this period, it is still sensitive, but it regenerates very quickly. Most of all, it needs soap, a greasy cream against frost and a cream with sunscreen - in a four-year-old child it may be a chemical filter, but not lower than SPF30. When the toddlerhe spends hours in the pool, his skin needs additional moisturizing with baby cream or milk. If, on the other hand, he loves splashing in water with the addition of colorful and foaming liquids, it is worth buying a bath lotion for children (e.g. containing panthenol, which soothes irritations). It is better to avoid foaming lotions for adults as they contain dyes and sulfactants that can irritate young skin.

You must do it

  • Buy cosmetics that do not contain any spactants, i.e. foaming substances, fragrances or dyes.
  • If your baby has very dry skin, or is prone to atopic dermatitis, use cosmetics from a series designed for use in this type of problem. These preparations contain large amounts of lipid substances (similar to those found in the skin), water-binding compounds that can penetrate deeply into the skin, and substances that reduce itching.
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