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I drank alcohol when pregnant because I didn't know I was in it - is there a risk for my baby? This is a frequent question asked by future mothers. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to them. What is certain is that if you have had a glass of wine, so will your baby. Even this amount of alcohol can damage your baby's brain. What are the effects of drinking alcohol while pregnant?

Alcohol in pregnancy , according to many researchers, should be completely banned. Why? If a woman drinks even a glass of wine or a beer during pregnancy, her unborn baby will drink it with her. His body has no defense mechanism to protect it from the effects of the percentages. It is not protected by the placenta, and the liver is not yet sufficiently developed to eliminate alcohol.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy: Polish statistics

In Poland, up to 9,000 children are born every year. children suffering from developmental disorders due to exposure to alcohol in utero. Innovative research on the effects of alcohol on the brain of both adults and children whose mothers consumed alcohol during pregnancy is conducted by prof. Andrzej Urbanik at the Department of Radiology, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. What are the test results? Scary! The biggest skeptics, who say that "a little wine won't hurt," fall silent when they see juxtaposed CT scans of a he althy baby's brain and a baby's brain with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).

Spina bifida - a serious malformation of the fetus

Fetal translucency assessment - non-invasive prenatal examination

ADHD - what is it, causes and symptoms

Alcohol contributes to the development of cancer


Note! Up to three children in 1000 births may be affected by FAS! This is more than just babies with Down syndrome are born. In Poland, this means approximately 900 victims of FAS annually. As FAS and other developmental disorders caused by alcohol are poorly diagnosed, sick children are often left without proper help and rehabilitation.

Can I drink alcohol while pregnant?

When is alcohol in pregnancy harmful to my baby the most?

Always. A woman does not need to drink a lot or drink frequently for this to harm her baby.It is especially dangerous to drink in the first days after conception, that is, when the woman does not know she is pregnant yet. Alcohol can cause the greatest damage to the brain and nervous system in the first 3-5 weeks. Alcohol consumed in the third trimester can significantly slow your baby's development and even cause premature birth. Unlike other premature babies, a baby damaged by alcohol in the mother's body will never make up for this deficiency. There is no safe dose of alcohol during pregnancy!

The effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy

  • miscarriage or premature birth
  • baby's low birth weight
  • brain damage (in each trimester of pregnancy)
  • ADHD team
  • growth retardation
  • heart defects
  • kidney defects
  • vision and hearing problems
  • FAS instance
  • FAE instance

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