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Sapiosexuality is a type of sexual preference in which the intellect has the number one position. Nothing excites a sapiosexual person so much as flirting with … the intelligence of a partner. Its appearance and wallet condition do not matter. Only what's in his head counts. Read what exactly is sapiosexuality and check our sapiosexuality test to see if you are a sapiosexual person!

Sapiosexualityis a term that originated a few years ago when one of the dating sites, OK Cupid, introduced the option of selecting sapiosexuality as a sexual preference.

"Sapio" in Latin means: I understand, I know, but also - I taste and taste. Sapiosexuality is about feeling attracted to people with above-average intelligence. It is not only an orientation, but a trend also promoted by the media.

Not so long ago, "Ally McBeal", a thin and inconspicuous lawyer, whose imagination, sense of humor and intelligence made men crazy about her, celebrated the triumphs of popularity. In turn, for the brilliant ugly doctor House, many representatives of the fair sex could be cut …

For a sapiosexual woman, a date with a hunk who doesn't have much to say is not an attraction (well, unless it's just once!).

And vice versa: a sapiosexual man treats a woman's beauty as a certain addition, but if he wants to create a lasting relationship with her, first of all, he must have something to talk to her about.

There is nothing sexier than a "beautiful mind" for sapiosexuals. Intellect is the basis of their relationship, it is the most exciting attribute of a potential partner.

Maria Czubaszek and Wojciech Karolak were certainly examples of a sapiosexual couple. The musician once confessed that, admittedly, his beloved had great legs, but: "All beauty lay in her soul and disposition."

What is sapiosexuality?

Sapiosexuals choose people who are intriguing, but not with superficiality, but with the way of choosing words. Intelligent wit makes them creepy, brilliant retorts make their hearts beat faster, and the ability to read between the lines overwhelms them.

They don't go to the movies on their first date, it's a waste of time! Well, unless it's a classic of the genre, a movie that can be discussed, but will come for that tootime.

At the beginning of the relationship, a long walk, cafe, dinner or a drink out is better, as long as you can talk for as long as possible. It is the common themes that bring them together. But sometimes, if they have different views on them, it doesn't hurt them either - they can engage in polemics, argue, argue and argue.

Then, in their common house, there are plenty of newspapers and books, because they both love to deepen their knowledge and share it. They inspire each other. They talk without interruption: after returning from work, they understand a detailed account of the whole day, deal with important and less important issues, laugh together and worry together.

And in bed? They can talk too! But they already know so much about each other that they understand each other without words. It is difficult to find more harmonious couples than the sapiosexual ones, because their relationship is based on mutual understanding, on in-depth and constant getting to know the other person and on the conviction that the closeness of souls is the most important issue.

Physical desire appears only after establishing an intellectual bond with your partner. Emotional intelligence also plays a major role here. The partners flawlessly read the mental states and feelings of a loved one, and knowing them (in the full sense of the word) they know how to react, which only strengthens their bond.

Test for sapiosexuality

Answer the following questions and note the answers YES or NO

1.In your opinion, is the attractive appearance of your partner irrelevant if you do not have common topics for conversation with him / her?

2.Do you think cinema or theater is a bad idea for a first date?

3.Do you think opposites don't attract at all, as we used to say?

4.Does it often happen that on a Friday evening and with a bottle of wine, instead of making love to your significant other until late at night, you are hotly discussing something?

5.Or do you even talk during sex?

6.Have you ever parted ways with someone who, in your opinion, was not your equal in intellect?

7.Do you always analyze very carefully with your partner first?

8.Do you think the best gift, whatever the occasion, is a book?

9.Do you read together often and then discuss it?

10.Do you like men / women with glasses?


If you answered YES to up to 3 questions- your partner's intellect is of great importance to you, but you also pay attention tohis / her exterior. In terms of bed, however, you get excited about his / her physicality.

If you answered YES to 3-5 questions- you have a clear tendency towards sapiosexuality. In the face of intelligence, knowledge, reading and the art of conducting discussions by your / your loved one, you are able to accept the drawbacks of his / her beauty or unfashionable clothes. You see these "flaws", but you know they don't really matter.

If you answered YES to more than 5 questions- you are definitely sapiosexual. Your partner's soul has no secrets from you. You understand each other in half a sentence, and you recognize your emotional states with one glance. When you hear him / her eagerly tell you about a philosophical piece he / she has just read, you feel like tearing his / her clothes off!

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