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You just found out that you are going to be a father and it scares you a little. Take it easy, fatherhood brings with it not only new responsibilities, but also a lot of fun. Being a dad gives meaning to life, enriches you and transforms you from an immature boy into a responsible man.

There are many reasons forbeing a father . Not only the biological one associated with nature that programmed us to care for extending the continuity of the species. Here are ten reasons why you absolutely need to be a dad:

1. Being a father will make you feel like Superman

For your son or daughter you will be the greatest authority, a real tough guy, a hero and a life guide in one person. In a word - a role model who always knows everything and does the best.

2. Fatherhood develops

Fatherhoodenriches, gives meaning to life and turns a boy into a mature person:man .

3. Fatherhood is associated with pride in the achievements of a descendant

Blood from my blood, bone from bones - henceforth you will think this every time youroffspringsucceeds in life.

4. Being a dad in the near future is an excuse to buy a new car

And it's twice as large, after all, it must also fit a pram, bicycle, rocking horse …

5. Being a father is fashionable

Talks about politics, economy and money are a thing of the past. Today, the trends are walking with the baby, watching fairy tales together, stories about teething and colic.

6. Fatherhood is an asset in the labor market

Employers willingly hire fathers because they assume that a man who has a family is a more conscientious, responsible employee.

Men with children earn 13.6% more than childless people

It's not true that once you become a father, you will have less money. Men with children earn 13.6% more than without children - according to Open Finance estimates. Fathers earn 3,126 zlotys a month "on hand". On the other hand, childless men receive about PLN 2753 net per month. It also turns out that the candidates who mentioned having children were more likely to receive invitations to an interview. The determination of men to provide the best for their families, oftentranslates into greater dedication to the company and greater diligence, which is appreciated by employers.

7. Fatherhood means a return to childhood and play

You can play with a roller coaster, with guns, with cars (and the ones you never dreamed of in your childhood), raise a turtle, play football … and no one will say that you are fooling around or lazing about. On the contrary - you will gain recognition and the opinion of a great dad.

8. Fatherhood will bring you closer to your own father

You will be able to talk to your father as equals Similar experiences will make you feel close to each other in a whole new way.

9. Being a dad is celebrating Father's Day

There will be one more occasion to celebrate and receive wishes and gifts in the calendar - Father's Day (June 23).

10. Fathers are not in danger of "bulls"

This special tax, paid by all childless men over 27, was in force in the times of Władysław Gomułka, but a similar idea was recently put forward by current parliamentarians …

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