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Although smoking is known to cause lung cancer and promote heart attacks, smokers do not quit. The situation may soon change when a drug is available on the market that will free you from nicotine addiction and make quitting smoking enjoyable.

There is probably nosmokerwho would not try to give upcigarettesat least once in his life. He then has at his disposal several means to facilitate the implementation of this provision.

What helps to quit nicotine addiction today

  • Nicotine treatment. To alleviate the symptoms of abstinence, you can deliver smaller and smaller doses ofnicotineusing chewing gums, patches and inhalers, and even mineral water - Nico Water. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this therapy does not exceed 15 percent.
  • Acupuncture. When we stop smoking, we deprive the body of nicotine, which stimulates the release of norepinephrine and dopamine - substances responsible for the feeling of pleasure and the state of arousal. The same function can be performed by needles inserted into specific places in the auricle. 5 sessions are recommended (or one session, but with low current passing through the needles). The effectiveness of acupuncture is estimated at 60 percent.
  • Hypnosis. There should be a minimum of 5 sessions, during which the smoker is introduced into a hypnotic trance that is not too deep, and the therapist causes an aversion to cigarettes in his subconsciousness. According to the patients, the method is effective even in half of the cases.
  • Homeopathy. Unfortunately, there are no homeopathic remedies to help you quit smoking. But you can use them to fight the unpleasant effects of nicotine abstinence - digestive disorders, constipation, palpitations, depressed mood, nervousness.
  • Drugs. Zyban available in Poland was invented for the treatment of depression. It turned out, however, that the patients who use it do not feel like smoking. This is because the drug releases norepinephrine and dopamine - so nicotine becomes unnecessary. The effectiveness of the therapy was confirmed only in approx. 30%. cases.

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Smoke-free drugs of the future

All hope in a new drug. The tablet contains cytisine - a substance found in the seeds and leaves of the golden eel. For a long time preparationsfrom the golden eaves were used in folk medicine, incl. for cough and asthma. However, studies have shown that cytisine is as effective as nicotine in stimulating the secretion of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain, responsible for arousal and feeling pleasure. Taking the drug with cytisine gradually becomes less addicted to nicotine - mentally and physically. He is not irritated, frustrated, angry with his surroundings. Quitting smoking is just fun.

How to break nicotine addiction

No drug will be effective if the smoker does not prepare himself mentally to quit. So:

  • Select the day you quit smoking; do not postpone this date under any circumstances.
  • Be aware of the negative effects of smoking: he alth (also for children), economic, aesthetic. Write them down on a piece of paper and read them until you convince yourself.
  • Do not buy cigarettes in advance - you will give your he alth the hours until you can buy the next pack.
  • Do not clean the ashtrays - let them stink and "tell" how much you smoke.
  • Do not smoke after eating, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, watching TV, reading a book. Smoking should not be associated with pleasure or moments of relaxation.
  • While reaching for a cigarette, read the inscriptions in the black frames on the box. Think about what is written there.

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