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PomacajSię - is a social campaign aimed at drawing attention to the importance of breast self-examination in the cancer diagnosis process. Touch as often as you can, and if you are concerned about anything - investigate it right away. Intuition can tell us a lot, and an early diagnosis of cancer gives a very good prognosis.

The pomacajsie campaign is a project of two photographers from MOOi Studio: Anna Szołucha and Gosia Lakowska, a duo specializing in female nudes, and Agnieszka Ford - the first heroine of their session. The women who signed up for the session are unique. And beautiful - they show others that it is worth getting tested, because cancer can be detected and healed faster thanks to research.

The authors of the sessions collect funds for them HERE - if you want, you can support the campaign.

Meet their stories:

It's worth helping. If a woman has to go for a checkup after seeing my scars, it's worth it - says55-year-old Jolanta . And tells his story:

- 2012 … I was getting ready to move after the division of property with my ex-husband. Leaving my apartment, I looked in the box for the last time, and there was a call from Szczecin from genetics for breast ultrasound and gynecology. I thought I will go (my mother died of ovarian cancer and my sister died of breast cancer). And I went. And surprise … tumor. Immediately mammography and biopsy. And from the biopsy another bum - G3 ductal infiltrating carcinoma. Treatment and chemistry right away. Then another treatment and another: second breast prophylactically …

And life anew. New, completely different, but crippled. After all, breasts are an attribute of femininity. I see it all the time. Why do I want this session? Because it's worth helping. And, in general, this is what I am most successful in my life. If a woman has a checkup after seeing my scars, it's worth it. Because, in fact, my life is different, better, I see the beauty of this world more, I love people, I can forgive, I am happy with little things. I'm a cripple anyway, and somewhere inside I feel worse. That's why I want other women never to experience it. I am alone but not lonely. On the other hand, because of my disability, I never got involved with anyone. Because even if… then I quit right away. My sister died when she was 27 years old. My daughter has the gene after me. I have to do everything I can to protect her and other young people.

And one more thing. Maybethe most important. In this session, I want to ask all women to have an ultrasound scan, feel, mammography - let them do everything. Because life after is great, it's different and stuff like that, fart … But it will never be like before. I will never get drunk enough to forget and I will never go to bed spontaneously again and forever, even when doing a fundus examination, I will be afraid of the diagnosis.

I want this session of mine to make women aware of the importance of self-examination. Although my body is not ideal and it costs me a lot of courage.Understand well, I'm glad to be alive . I thank God every day because it is to him that I owe the most.

- I won't make you sad about cancer because it's not in my nature. For me, participation in the pomacajsie project aims to make patients aware of what current medicine, and above all surgery, has to offer. First of all … breast cancer is a bit like winning a lottery ticket … maybe it's not a magic 6, but a decent 4, and if someone can squeeze something more out of this story, even a 5? - says Anna, another heroine of the session.

- Chemistry, sure, is survivable. It is not the end of the world. He even has pleasant moments … the fact that you can lie in bed with impunity and not feel guilty about it. Hair - it will come out, but take it easy, it will grow back. Generally better than before. And the period when, thanks to wigs, you can check whether you prefer blonde, red or pink colors, also has its charm.

Another mega plus are acquaintances. Thanks to my tenant, I met wonderful people. Onkosiostry, but also people who supported me and were simply in this period. In my case there is one more important point…. super tits? I will not dim … There is a lot to see. And I owe it to the fact that I was a conscious patient. I knew I didn't have to get my breasts cut. That there are different methods. I fought for the comfort of my life. I found great specialists and people with great knowledge who guided me. Yes, I had a double mastectomy - would you believe it?

Cancer changes everyone. Some for the better, some for the worse. It all depends on us how we get through this period. I walk through it with a smile and a stiffened breast. And I tell him fuckyoucancer "

- I have found this cancer to be diagnosed. I was talking. I invited fear. I was always afraid of getting sick with him. I often went to the doctors, I was often examined, I was often afraid. If something happened - cancer. If something hurt-cancer.
Hypochondriac. A bit like that. I was living with the background disease as a child. Mum MS, such a cancer of the tongue. And later, alcohol. Depression - remembers Sonia, another heroine of the session.

- I was afraiddiseases. In the summer of 2022, my daughter hit me with her head in the chest. In fun. A bump pops out. a bump the size of a plum. It hurt. Gynecologist. Ultrasound. "Mrs. Sonia, there is nothing wrong with the ultrasound. I don't know what it is, probably from the impact."

But it hurt. Another gynecologist. Morphology - ok. "Mrs. Sonia is probably a lobule after breastfeeding."

But I was feeding 5 years ago! "It's okay. Please don't worry."

But I have a breast leak. "It can be."

But the bump didn't go away for another week, it hurt. My husband followed me, furious that I was touching, touching, pressing, panicking. Another gynecologist. I hear again that it is ok. "Mrs. Sonia, if you insist so much, we will do the ultrasound again."

Cool. Thanks. Thanks for the grace. I was waiting outside the office. Fate was very kind to me, putting THIS Doctor in my way. Detailed, long examination, biopsy and mammography on a cito.

"Mrs. Sonia, please come and get the results. She will meet our doctor."

I already knew. I already felt it. The current was going through my whole body. I have no good news … it is a malignant tumor.

I don't think I've ever felt so empty and heavy at the same time. I remember every detail of that day. I remember every color. Every face, every gesture. I remember the speed of every particle of my breath. Then everything happened very quickly. Oncology Center in Ursynów. Research, queues, offices.

And this fear. These people. Every evening I cried over my daughter's bed.


I didn't want her to share my fate and lose Mum so early. That was the only thing I was afraid of. And I'm scared all the time.

Extensive ductal and lobular carcinoma with necrosis. Her 2+ is non-horomodependent. There was no option for me to keep my breast, only a mastectomy.
I'll never stop being afraid. He is here. He is with me, I know he will come back one day. I am calmer, I worry less. I. Or are they drugs? You live here and now. Only he alth and love counts. He alth and love.
Children are the whole world, a beautiful world.

It's beautiful to live:)

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