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Fatigue, improper nutrition, stress and autumn weather favor viral infections. But you don't have to worry about them if you take care of strengthening the body's immunity.

There are billions ofimmune cells in our body- their task is to identify and destroy foreign bodies (antigens) that have entered the system through the mucous membranes of the throat, nose and digestive tract, i.e. also viruses and bacteria. These cells arise in various organs and have their own special tasks.

Monocytesare produced in the bone marrow. When they spot an intruder, they begin to approach him. During this journey, they transform into macrophages and, as such, absorb the antigen, and transmit information about its appearance to lymphocytes.

Tlymphocytes mature in the thymus. They inform other cells about the presence of antigens, manage their work and fight the threat directly, e.g. viruses. B lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes. When they discover that bacteria or viruses have entered the body, they start producing antibodies that destroy them. If this army is operational, we are not afraid of infections and colds. The effect ofof the immune systemcan be improved with over-the-counter preparations. You can choose those prepared with herbs or synthetic.

How to naturally strengthen the body's immunity?

  • Get some sleep.
  • Do not give in to stress, take care of the daily moment of relaxation.
  • Do not smoke and try to avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Get hardened and walk a lot.
  • Exercise, do sports, preferably outdoors.
  • Eat vegetables, fruits and yoghurts with live bacteria cultures every day.
  • If your he alth condition allows it, use the sauna 1-2 times a week in autumn and winter.
  • If you often get infections, talk to your doctor about an immunization vaccine.

Herbal preparations for immunity

Herbal preparations have been used for centuries to increase the body's natural immunity. However, it should be remembered that herbs, as well as medicines, should not be abused.

Keeping in good shape is for:

Aloe- improves regenerative processes and increases immune strength. You can buy: Bioaron, Biostimin, Aloe wine, MelAloe Cum Aroniae (aloe-chokeberry honey).

Nettle- primarily protects against infections and accelerates the regeneration of the body. Teas with nettle are good - single-ingredient or blends, e.g. Revitan.

Ginseng root- stimulates vitality and strengthens natural defense mechanisms. Especially recommended for people who are exhausted, overworked and who have problems falling asleep. Ask for Ginseng Vital, Ginsana G115 or different ginseng pills.

Lipa- allows you to sweat out harmful substances from the body.

Chamomile- has anti-inflammatory properties, when used for inhalation it helps to clear the respiratory tract of some bacteria and viruses.

Worth knowing

Home remedies to strengthen the immune system

Crush half a head of garlic (with the husk), pour a glass of hot milk and set aside for 5 minutes. Then strain it, add a tablespoon of honey and drink it. The treatment should last about 4 weeks.

The body's immunity can also be strengthened by adding garlic, as well as mustard, curry, oregano, red pepper, ginger to the dishes. In case of reduced immunity, avoid fast food, fried, fatty, simple sugar and processed products - canned and instant.

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Vitamins and trace elements supporting immunity

The strength of the diet also depends on the daily dose of vitamins and minerals. We can take ready-made preparations, but we cannot forget about the natural sources of these substances.

Garlic- a natural antibiotic, even in small amounts added to salads and salads, kills some bacteria and viruses. Due to the strong smell, we should eat it before going to bed.

Ginger- taken daily protects against colds (it can be added to salads or meats).

Honey and propolisare bactericidal (provided we are not allergic!). Honey can be successfully used instead of sugar. It retains most of its medicinal value in its natural form (heating up kills valuable ingredients). The exam is also passed in the morning drinking two teaspoons of honey dissolved in a glass of boiled water (lukewarm, not hot!).

Provitamin A- found in raw carrots, lettuce leaves, tomatoes and peppers.

Vitamin C- must be supplied in the food several times a day, because the body cannot store it. Its abundant sources are: citrus fruits, onions, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, parsley and potatoes. Note: steamed vegetables without s alt retain more vitamin C.

Vitamin E-is found in olive oil, vegetable oils, beef, pork and oatmeal.

Zinc- found in grains of wheat, beef, blue cheese and seafood.

Iron- improves the condition of the body, it is provided by, among others liver, beef and legumes.

Strategy for he alth

You feel that you are not in your best shape. You get tired easily and don't feel like doing anything. Maybe it's the effects of your own actions? Don't worry - we'll tell you how to get back on your feet in six weeks. You just need to remember never to leave the house without a decent breakfast and to dress appropriately for the weather.Week one.Drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice every day. Learn to enjoy the little things and … laugh at least 15 minutes a day. Don't worry about just anything. You cannot save the world by yourself.Week two.Drink a glass of vegetable juice every day for the next seven days. After getting out of bed, do at least four squats and five deep breaths with the window open. Take time for a little fun 2-3 times a week.Week three.Eat yogurt with live bacterial cultures every day. Take an hour-long walk at least twice a week. Exercise in the morning. You're in better shape, so do ten squats.Week four.Eat fresh fruit every day. Choose the ones you like best. Exercise and finish your morning bath with a short cooler shower. When wiping your body, scrub yourself vigorously with a towel to boost your immune system and reduce stress. You can rub thyme oil on your skin to keep your nerves balanced.Week five.Eat an extra portion of vegetables and fruit every day (frozen foods are also a source of valuable vitamins and minerals). Don't run away from people. Take time to socialize, go to the cinema or theater.Week six.Add a portion of lettuce to your daily menu. Don't forget about the little pleasures and the walk. Morning is important - gymnastics and shower.

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