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A pregnant teen is also a pregnant schoolgirl. Even elementary school students get pregnant (several dozen cases a year), but the most common concerns are students of middle and high schools. The main problem that arises then is: how to graduate from school despite the whole revolution in life - teenage pregnancy and the birth of a child? What help in continuing education from the school can minor mothers count on?

Teen pregnantand at the same timepregnant schoolgirlcan finish her studies at the school she attends. Fortunately, a minor pregnant is not in danger - as it used to be a long time ago - being crossed from the pupils' list and transferring to evening school obligatory.

Teen pregnant: statutory right to continue education

"The school is obliged to grant a pregnant student leave and other help necessary to complete her education, possibly without delay in completing the subjects" - this is what Art. 2 clause 3 of the Act of January 7, 1993 on family planning, protection of the human fetus and conditions for the admissibility of termination of pregnancy (Journal of Laws No. 17, item 78, as amended).

Pregnant teen: individual teaching

What does that mean exactly? A pregnant student may be granted leave from school and consent to individual tuition. In the case of primary and secondary school students, it is almost the rule. Pregnancy at this age is often at risk, and in schools with a large number of runaway children, expectant mothers risk accidentally pushed or fallen during breaks. In order to obtain consent for individual teaching, one must visit a psychological and pedagogical counseling center and tell about the matter. You should download a form from the clinic to be completed by the gynecologist in charge of the pregnancy. In addition, an application for individual tuition should be made. The decision on individual teaching is issued by a psychological and pedagogical counseling center. It can take place at the school or at the student's home - when filling in the documents, please provide the place of teaching. It is best if the doctor writes that, due to the minor mother's he alth condition, teaching should take place at home. If the student has an apprenticeship, she will be dismissed on the basis of an ordinary sick leave. If pregnancy, childbirth or the puerperium makes it impossible to countthe date of examinations important for the continuity of education, the school is obliged to set an additional examination date - convenient for the student - but no later than 6 months.

Teen pregnant: extra help from school

A lot depends on the attitude of specific people: the class teacher, headmaster, school educator or psychologist. Psychological help is often provided to the pregnant student: the school psychologist tells her how to cope with the new situation. Often it is the school - in the person of a psychologist, educator or tutor - at the request of the student (and usually in her presence) that informs about the situation of the parents and acts as a negotiator when the parents do not accept the daughter's pregnancy. Home-schooled girls are often looked after by school nurses. There were even cases when the school organized childcare services so that a young mother could attend lessons - but these are exceptional events, far beyond the standard. The worst thing is with financial and material help. When the situation of the student's family is very difficult, sometimes they can count on a one-time support in the amount of PLN 200-400. Usually, the allowance is paid thanks to the cooperation of the school with the local social welfare center. Some schools also give new mothers packets of nursing supplies and baby food. In extreme cases, when the situation in the family threatens the welfare of the future mother and her child, the school may apply to the court to place its student in a single mother's home.

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