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Even in just bought, seemingly clean clothes, there are millions of mites and various microorganisms that can cause allergies in a child. Therefore, before you put on new clothes for your baby, make sure you wash them well! Use a powder with a low detergent content for washing baby clothes and bedding.

Washing baby clothesis not difficult, but you have to follow a few rules. Have you ever wondered what path a garment takes before you buy it? First, the fabrics are touched by the seamstresses in the factory, then the people who label the garments, then the staff in the warehouse and store, and then the customers who may have viewed the clothes in front of you. Each of these people leaves a mark on baby clothes in the form of various impurities, invisible to the naked eye. Dust and particles of dirt also settle on clothes, which are carried from the street to the store on the shoes of customers. Even in seemingly clean rompers or bodysuits, there are millions of mites and various microorganisms that can cause allergies in a child. And that's why you need to wash the entire layette, even clothes branded with foil by the manufacturer.

Baby detergent only with approval

What to wash with? There is a rule here: the smaller the child, the more delicate the powder should be. Therefore, do not use regular washing powder to wash children's clothes or bedding. Special powders with a reduced detergent content are recommended for newborns and infants. Such preparations are hypoallergenic, i.e. they do not contain substances that can irritate the baby's delicate skin (i.e. bleaches, chemical brighteners, artificial dyes, etc.). They are also not perfumed, which further reduces the risk of allergies. You should use them until your child is one year old, although manufacturers recommend that you wash them until they are three years old and longer if the child is allergic. There are various types of baby powders in stores. New products are preparations containing natural clay, which softens the fabric. As a result, the washing machine does not need to be refilled with fabric softener. Of course, this can be done if it is a liquid from a line specially recommended for children. Then children's clothes or bedding will be extremely soft and will smell nice. This fragrance will be safe for your baby, because the formula of baby washing liquid has been developedso as to eliminate any substances that may irritate the baby's skin. It is important that the powder or rinse aid has a positive opinion of a reputable medical center, e.g. the Institute of Mother and Child or Children's He alth Center.


Wash baby clothes separately: there is no point in mixing them with the belongings of other household members (detergents for babies may not be washed in adults' clothes!). However, if your baby is allergic from birth, then you can use powder to wash your baby's clothes that your baby comes in contact with when you wear or hug him.

Washing and rinsing baby clothes

How to wash? The answer to this question is simple: as recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, baby clothes are delicate, often made of cotton, so they are washed at a temperature of 30, maximum 40 ° C. Contrary to what you may read on the Internet, do not set your washing machine to 60ºC or more. Washing in too hot water can make the clothes unusable: they will shrink or stretch. Remember to wash clothes with colors: separate bright things, separate colored ones - thanks to this, they will not turn gray. Set the washing machine for the additional rinsing option, because only then you can be sure that there are no powder particles between the fibers of the fabric. If you have to wash something by hand, use a milder soap flake instead of washing powder. Then rinse the garment thoroughly under running water. Note: do not wash clothes that are in direct contact with the child's skin in this way (e.g. bodysuits or tights), as even long rinsing under the tap does not guarantee that the water has removed the remnants of the preparation from the clothes. When the clothes are dry, you should iron them - this also applies to those that do not require ironing. The high temperature acts as a sterilizer, eliminating any remaining microorganisms from the fabric.

You must do it

If you plan to buy a new washing machine, choose one that has a washing program for babies. The washing time is then extended, thanks to which most of the stubborn dirt is removed without the need for a stain remover. Such washing machines also have an additional rinsing system, which allows you to remove any detergent residues from the fabrics.

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