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Alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular. Among this type of treatment, larvotherapy deserves special attention.

Larvotherapyinvolves the application of a dressing made of blotch larvae. The effect of this method is quickhealingopen openwoundsibedsores .

How does larvotherapy work?

The larvae are placed on the wound and covered with an airtight dressing. They are left for a few days. During this time, the larvae clean the wound of dead tissue. Not having a dental apparatus, they dissolve them with the help of their own enzymes. The larvae remove dead tissue more precisely than a surgeon can do.

The secretions of the larvae also contain substances that are antibacterial and stimulate healing. The use of larvae is safe as the larvae mainly feed on dead tissue. While wearing the larvae dressing, you may experience a slight tickling sensation or pain.

Is larvotherapy often used?

In Americalarvotherapyhas been used for several years. German doctors also use it successfully. There are now more and more private clinics offering this method in Poland. People who are allergic to antibiotics often use larval therapy. This method gives very good results in cleansing the necrosis in patients with a diabetic foot, with bedsores and leg ulcers. It is also known to use the larvae in the case of various types of traumatic wounds and infections of the skeletal system.

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