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Ways to get the flu and fight the flu. Usually you don't feel like eating during the flu. You lie in bed and you do not eat anything. And this is a big mistake, because food gives the body the strength it needs to fight the disease. What should you eat to help your body fight the flu? How To Treat Flu Naturally How to combat fever with home remedies? What will help you fight the flu?

Flu . It breaks your bones. The head is cracking. Highfeveris already on the 3rd day. If you have the flu, include foods that stimulate your immune system in your daily menu. You will help your body fight the disease faster.

Flu - this is where honey will help - a he althy antibiotic

It has been proved in numerous studies thathoneyaffects the human immune system, strengthening and modulating its defenses. It contains many valuable vitamins and minerals as well as biologically active substances: routine, inhibin and enzymes. However, the most important feature of honey compared to other antibacterial drugs is its preventive effect. That is why it is worth reaching for a spoonful of bee medicine every day.

The flu doesn't like garlic - the destroyer of bacilli

Recommended isgarlic , which has the ability to fight bacteria that cause a variety of infections. At the same time, it protects the body against complications after the flu or rhinitis. The action of garlic is similar to that of some modern antibiotics. If someone is bothered by an unpleasant smell, it can be easily neutralized by chewing parsley or by combining the two in one dish.

Chicken broth to help fight infection

It may sound like a truism, but the chicken soup will help with the flu. Our grandmothers used broth to fight infections of the upper respiratory tract. Studies have confirmed that such an action has a medical justification. When cooking broth from meat, bones and vegetables, many valuable ingredients are washed out into the stock. One of them is cysteine. This substance accelerates the expectoration of mucus and facilitates the removal of germs in the lungs and bronchi with it. Hot soup not only warms you up. It also allows you to replace fluid losses (sweat, runny nose).

Rich productsin probiotics

During an infection, it is worth introducing products that naturally support the body's immunity to the menu. These include fermented milk drinks (kefir, buttermilk, yogurt) that contain probiotic bacteria. Probiotics are live microorganisms that have a very beneficial effect on our body, improving the functioning of the immune system, and helping the body to fight pathogenic bacteria. Their effectiveness is evidenced by the use of antibiotics during and after treatment. It is probiotics that ensure the restoration and proper functioning of the bacterial flora.

Fresh vegetables and fruits will improve immunity

Eating vegetables and fruit will provide the body with additional vitamin C, which also increases our immunity. The largest amounts of it are contained in rosehips, citrus and berries. When it comes to vegetables, it is worth reaching for peppers, tomatoes, horseradish and cabbage. Remember that vitamin C is sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore, eat as much as possible raw.

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