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Anna Małek, the author of the blog Kuchnia Biegacza, does not hesitate to talk about her disease. In an interview with us, she told us about what had changed in her life. And these changes were only for the better!

Diagnosis - malignant breast cancer. Powerlessness, anger and terror appear at first. Such panic and counting - how much time do I have left when I die.

And then came determination and willingness … to enjoy life. However, the changes in Anna Małek's life did not happen immediately. - I put so many things off for later, there were so many more important things, and when I heard the diagnosis, I understood that it was time to take care of myself. It was a slow process. First I started walking, also on the treadmill in the gym, then I started running … 2 kilometers, 3, 4 and then a half marathon - he says.

Each action involved successive and subsequent actions. They gave us strength and allowed us to enjoy life. - After I fell ill, I visited more countries than before, can you imagine it? I always wanted a blog and I have a blog, I started the Runner's Kitchen, because I always liked to cook, and at that time my adventure with running developed very intensively.

Of course, outside help was also needed. Anna underwent psychotherapy and, as she says herself, finally realized that she was also important. - I do not have to do what I do not want - admitted - I used to be assertive at zero. I'm not saying that he is very tall now, but at least he is - he laughs.

Her action entered the blood. If an idea arises, it is natural that it starts to act and implement it. Ideas are not postponed, and neither is travel. - As soon as I was offered a bicycle trip to Western Sahara, I immediately agreed! In the past, I would consider it a few days, if not weeks or months, he admits.

But it's not that Anna is not afraid of anything. She knows that in the course of the next challenges she takes on, something can happen. - But I am calm about it. Now she is giving herself a reduced fare. I know I can say no. I have such a right - boy, I am a person after a serious illness. Now I allow myself to be weak, it wasn't like that before.

And so OnkoRejs sailed and OnkoMarsz crossed Poland's borders, nomentioning. No reduced fare it assumes!

The video material was created as part of the Knowledge Week: Oncology series. Anna Małek is interviewed by Małgorzata Wiśniewska, Publisher of STUDIOMED TV:

I'm happy now

Anna learns a lot. She tries to develop - she went to dietary studies, took a massage course, went to the theater, to workshops. She had been making a dream map on them recently. The first position is … ZEN.

- I really live in harmony with myself. I would like to achieve such a full symbiosis with nature, such inner peace - he says - and I try to do it.

But there are heels on the dream map as well. They symbolize femininity - It is known that a person during an illness does not feel well and does not look attractive. Now I would like to feel feminine and these heels are an attribute of femininity to me. Of course, I have to learn to walk in them - he says.

And I'll be a beautician!

- I wanted to be a beautician since I was a child. Of course, I graduated in a completely different field, but now I took a face-lift massage course. What a pleasure it gives me - says Anna in a conversation with us - I will open my office, it gives me great joy. For now, I'm practicing on my friends so as not to lose my skills. But it's as cool when someone says they're nice. I like to do it - he emphasizes.

Finally, the time has come to implement all your plans and dreams. Also those from childhood!

Theme evenings

Theme evenings are a kind of fun that Anna invented together with her friends. They draw among themselves cards with the world's cuisines written on them. They meet every month and have only so much time to prepare - and there is a lot to prepare. The host cooks main dishes from the randomly selected country, guests bring wine (also from that country), music must play and gadgets should be present!

Friends give her strength, but as she says she does not waste time on one-sided acquaintances. - Many people told me that they lost friends after their illness. For me it was the other way around, I distanced myself from interested people, I just didn't want to waste my time on such contacts - he admits.

Medical history

Anna Małek fell ill with a malignant breast cancer in 2009. Managed to! Anna started running, traveling and getting involved in the actions of the OnkoCafe Foundation. In April 2015, she planned to run a half-marathon, but a broken rib stood in the way, and then in 2022 she heard that she had metastases to the lungs and lymph nodes.

- My case only confirms that there are no rules in cancer. The first cancer was moderately malignant, it shouldn't have metastasized, and yet it was. I had to againundergo chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation therapy. Fortunately, the cancer has been in remission for 2 years and I am very he althy, she says.

Any advice?

- Yes. Don't panic. Not to think that I am going to die. This diagnosis is not a judgment. Science is moving forward these days, cancer can be treated. I know people who have been undergoing treatment for 17 years! The most important thing is positive thinking. Often, this diagnosis gives us happiness, we feel ourselves and we learn to focus on ourselves. We work to make life well. We make the most of what fate has given us!

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