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Diphtheria or diphtheria is an infectious bacterial disease that is dangerous and can result in serious complications, and even death. As you never know what the course of diphtheria will be, your baby should not be given the vaccine. Find out what the symptoms of diphtheria are and how it's treated.

Diphtheria(diphtheria) isan infectious diseasecaused by immobile corynebacterium diphtheriaeCorynebacterium diphtheriae . It produces diphtheria venom that attacks the throat or larynx.

Diphtheria corynea can spread by airborne droplets or direct contact with the patient or carrier. The incubation period is 24 hours to 7 days, and the infectivity period is approximately 3 weeks. It is necessary to isolate the sick person to make sure that the body does not contain diphtheria bacteria.

The symptoms of diphtheria depend on the form of the disease

  • when it attacks the throat, it resembles strep throat with a slight fever; after 3-4 days thick, grayish membranes appear in the throat, temperature rises (38 degrees C), lymph nodes are swollen; an unpleasant, sick smell from the mouth; heart rate is sometimes faster
  • when the disease affects the larynx (called angina or croup): hoarseness, silence and barking cough, difficulty breathing (enlarging membranes narrow the larynx)

Diphtheria: treatment

As soon as possible, the patient should go to the hospital, where he will be administered diphtheria serum, the so-called antitoxin and antibiotics (usually penicillins). If the airway is blocked (usually in the course of a croup), intubation or a tracheotomy (incision of the larynx and insertion of a breathing tube into it) is necessary. The most common complications of diphtheria are damage to the nervous system, heart, and adrenal glands. Once healed, no one hundred percent immunity is obtained.

Diphtheria: vaccinations

Children are vaccinated according to the following scheme: at 2 months of age (DiTePer vaccine), then at 5 and between 16 and 18 months of age, and at 6 and 19 years of age. Children with low immunity may receive a booster dose selected by a doctor after contact with the sick person. Everyone who had contact with the sick person should be vaccinated.

Diphtheria in adults

Diphtheria in adults causes complications mainly from the heart and respiratory system.During illness and during recovery, exercise should be limited. Some patients are treated in intensive care units. Doctors advise against returning to normal life too quickly.

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