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Ileostomy is a stoma that leads the small intestine out through the abdominal wall. An ileostomy is performed when the entire colon and rectum are removed. What is life like when you have an artificial anus?

Ileostomyis necessary when the lower digestive tract, i.e.large intestine and rectum , must beremoved. This is the case withcolorectal cancer , ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and familial polyposis.Stomain the small intestine is also performed in the case of cancer of the small intestine leading to the removal of part of the intestine. Ileostomy is usually located on the left side of the abdomen, sometimes on the right side.

Ileostomy. How to proceed

If we have an ileostomy, such as colostomy and urostomy, we must use stool bags. It is removed from the intestine without our will. Having an ileostomy, we have to replace the pouches more often, because more fluid is released from the small intestine (up to 8 liters a day).

Ileostomy. What to look for

First of all, you need to drink a lot - at least 2 liters of fluids a day: water, fruit and vegetable juices, herbal and fruit teas, you can also drink black tea and even coffee. You have to remember to drink often but in small amounts at a time. Water is absorbed into the body from the large intestine. When it is not absorbed, it is impaired. Although the small intestine learns a new role, it can never fully replace the large intestine. Therefore, you need to remember about a constant supply of fluids. You also need to replenish electrolytes. Otherwise there is a risk of rapid dehydration manifested by weakness, irritation and dry skin. Not getting enough fluid can also lead to constipation, which causes abdominal pain. A few- or several-hour constipation is not a threat yet. You should then massage the abdomen or perform exercises involving the abdominal muscles, sometimes a walk is enough. Longer constipation should be reported to the doctor, because it is dangerous for people with an ileostomy.

Diet for people with an ileostomy

People with an ileostomy do not have to follow a special diet, but should be careful and eliminate from the menu foods that make you feel unwell andpay attention to chewing food very thoroughly. Pre-digestion takes place in the oral cavity, and the grinding of food makes it much easier to handle the shortened digestive tract. What is harmful to people with an ileostomy is an individual matter, but it is worth introducing raw vegetables and fruits into your diet slowly and gradually. People with an ileostomy often feel unwell after eating oranges, mandarin grapefruits, raw apples (but their juices are well absorbed by them), and popcorn, coconut flakes, poppy seeds or chives. There shouldn't be too much fiber in your diet after an ileostomy, as it can cause diarrhea. Just what you eat with vegetables, carefully and gradually test your reaction to whole grains. If there are undigested remains in the stoma bag, there are three options: we should not eat these products because the body is unable to digest them, we swallow insufficiently chewed food, eat meals under stress that impairs digestion.

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