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Stomach flu is caused by an attack of viruses - most often they are rotaviruses, sometimes noroviruses or adenoviruses. How can I avoid catching these viruses and stomach flu? The first commandment is to wash your hands often - it's better to be suspected of OCD than spend three days in the toilet. What else can you do to avoid bowel flu?

Stomach flu(intestinal flu) is caused by rotaviruses, noroviruses or adenoviruses which penetrate the intestinal mucosa and destroy it, causing very unpleasant symptoms.How to avoid stomach flu , which causes severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, as well as high fever. What to do to avoid getting infected with stomach flu viruses?

Stomach flu prevention: wash your hands

If you want to avoid stomach flu, wash your hands. This is a basic rule to avoid many diseases, especially those that infect the digestive system. Always wash your hands after you leave the toilet, when you come home (or when you come to work, when you come back when you go outside). When there is a stomach flu epidemic, carry an antibacterial wet wipe or a gel that can be used without water. Wipe your hands clean after you greet someone by shaking your hand, especially if you are to sit down to eat afterwards. Better to be a neurotic like Detective Monk than to get sick.

Stomach flu prevention: avoid the sick

Avoid people who develop the first symptoms of stomach flu. Stomach flu is very contagious. If you are the boss - send your employee home with flu immediately. It is also good to wipe his computer keyboard, telephone receiver and other objects that he touched with an antibacterial handkerchief. If your child has stomach flu in your child's daycare, leave them at home. Better to stand on your head and find other care for your child than to expose them to viruses and bring the disease home.

Stomach flu: be careful

If you have stomach flu in your home, wash your hands twice as often, wipe with tissues or the handle disinfectant, wash the toilet frequently with a disinfectant (e.g. domestos, use gloves after each patient exits the toilet) and ask to always close the hatch. After the illness is over, wash it thoroughlyapartment. If any of your friends or colleagues of your child has stomach flu, do not visit them for another week after the symptoms have passed. The patient stops infecting only when the damaged intestinal mucosa peels off.

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