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Moon phases and their impact on human he alth have been of interest for a long time. Centuries ago, folk medicine was based on the belief that the phases of the moon could be an ally during treatment. Contemporary research has confirmed the thesis that the various phases of the moon can affect not only our he alth, but also affect our well-being and behavior. Check what is the impact of the phases of the moon on human he alth.


  1. Moon phase sequence
  2. Moon phases - new moon
  3. Moon phases - first quarter
  4. Moon phases - full moon
  5. Moon phases - last quarter
  6. Moon phases and hormones

Moon phase sequence

Moon phasesis:new moon(the moon is invisible because it is between the sun and the earth), then overnight go arrives and soon there is anotherMoon phase- the first quarter when half of the Moon is visible, then comesfull moon(it is well lit and you can see it in its entirety), then it begins to "decline" and the nextMoon phase- the last quarter.

Most often there is one full moon in one month, only once in about 2.5 years it happens that we have two full moons in one month.

Moon phases - new moon

This is the beginning of a new cycle, because right after the new moon begins a "new" Moon, otherwise also known as "young". According to folk medicine, it is the best time for any type of activity, guaranteeing energy, physical strength and mental resistance.

It is good to start the body strengthening treatment at this time. It is also the best time to undergo surgery because wounds heal more easily and the risk of bleeding is reduced. New moon also affects the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.

If we want to strengthen the hair, let's trim it because it will grow back faster. It is worth doing a body scrub, cleansing your face with a mask or going to a beautician for a cleansing treatment. Our sensitivity to pain decreases, and the risk of scarring is also low.

New is a very good time for the procedures of closing blood vessels and removing birthmarks.

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Moon phases - first quarter

The moon's day-to-day beginsarrive, which is why centuries ago it was thought that this was the perfect time to nourish the body. During this time, it is good to take care of a proper diet, because vitamins and minerals are better absorbed, but you have to be careful, because it is easier to gain weight (the body begins to stock up).

We have a lot of energy, but a worse mood. At this time, the body is focused on renewal, so all beauty treatments will bring amazing results. Our skin will regain its firmness and wrinkles will be reduced. Regenerative conditioners will strengthen your hair and nails.

Moon phases - full moon

It is widely believed that the full moon can have both positive and negative effects on the human body. This is the phase of reaching the climax, the summit, associated with success, completion.

Unfortunately, it is also fully credited that we become nervous, have less self-control, are more prone to aggression, or vice versa - we have low mood and depressive thoughts.

During this period, let's focus on relaxation (e.g. meditation, yoga), because we are threatened with insomnia, migraine and heavy menstruation. Do not arrange a tooth extraction or surgical procedures, because during the fullness of the wound, the wounds heal worse and the blood clotting decreases.

The production of sex hormones increases, which makes the desire for sex increase. In this phase, the body retains more water, which contributes to the development of puffiness. The full moon is a great time to dye your hair as the color will last longer and be more intense.

Moon phases - last quarter

During this period, the body should calm down naturally. If we've been sick recently, we'll recover faster now. It is also easier to lose weight, because we have a faster metabolism and a lower appetite, we can also try to cleanse the body of toxins.

If you don't like going to the hairdresser, cut your hair in this square, because it will grow slower. Epilation will be less painful because the skin has less blood supply. This phase of the moon helps fight cellulite. In the evening, take a bath with the addition of sea s alt or coarse kitchen s alt with microelements, it will cleanse and firm your skin.

Worth knowing

Moon phases and hormones

Scientists' research on the effects of the phases of the moon on the human body focuses on the fact that our natural satellite affects tides (ebb and flow). So they started to inquire whether, due to the fact that the human body consists of water (60-70% of the total mass), the moon can subtly influence changes in the functioning of the organism.

This theory is confirmed by studies by British urologists who have noticed a correlation between the increased number of reportedcases of renal colic and the full moon. Other studies show that blood levels can increase in different phases of the moon, which affects how organs work.

In turn, some scientists believe that it contributes to greater or lesser disruptions in the human endocrine economy. For example, it has been noticed that in particular phases the level of serotonin, the so-called the happiness hormone that affects our well-being and melatonin, responsible, among others, for the quality of sleep.

Swiss scientists from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Basel spoke about the last issue. They examined a group of 33 volunteers and concluded that the body works worse during the full moon than during its other phases. Some subjects fell asleep five minutes later on average and woke up 20 minutes earlier than on other nights. They also complained that they got up less refreshed.

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