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Zbyszko Patyk, an alternative medicine specialist, president of the Polish branch of the global federation of alternative medicine, talks about lithotherapy - a method of treatment with stones. Who is it recommended to treat with precious stones? Is lithotherapy rational and how effective is it? Read the interview and learn about the ancient philosophy of healing.

  • Lithotherapy, like all " alternative medicine", evokes mixed feelings.

Z.P .: This medicine, as the name suggests, is an alternative to evidence-based medicine. I think that the ideal for patients in their treatment would be to combine the latest achievements of evidence-based medicine with the methods of natural medicine: Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and other trends. This is already happening slowly. The lithotherapy mentioned by the Lady is an inspiration for pharmacy, which uses her recipes and creates medicines based on minerals and precious stones. In the pharmacy, we can already buy amber tincture to combat colds and colds, cosmetics with gold or pearls, silver patches that accelerate healing, rehabilitation clothing containing copper threads, silver and colloidal gold or homeopathic medicines.

  • Why is the stone unique and why is it healing?

Z.P .: Following the mysticism of the East, it can be repeated that each stone has a soul, but also a memory of its creation - geological and cosmic, going beyond the history of mankind. In addition, minerals and stones have the ability to accumulate, store and emit energy.

  • Is the action of minerals scientifically proven?

Z.P .: In Western science, based on evidence, the "glass and eye" method still dominates, which narrows the horizon and causes that it is unable to describe or explain many phenomena that exist.

Why, for example, corals turn pale when the wearer suffers from anemia, and they regain their color when he recovers? When we put a rock crystal to the forehead, after a while we will feel a pleasant throbbing, relief, relaxation. These are the facts!

Some studies have once confirmed that the crystals arranged around the head change the record of the encephalogram. Conclusion - stones and minerals have a resonance effect on humans. They have thisability, because, as it may sound a bit absurd, we share many similarities.

  • How much does a man have to do with gemstones?

Z.P .: The same bioelements are part of chemical compounds found in stones and in the human body. Rock crystal is also an unusual mineral.

A structure similar to it, which is confirmed by science, have our cell s alts, adipose tissue, lymph, blood, and the nervous system.

A different type of energy is stored in each stone and mineral. Depending on its vibration, these objects can heal the mind, body and emotions of a person.

According to the principles of Eastern medicine, psyche and spirit are one, and he alth depends on the free flow of energy in the human body. Disease is a lack of energy, its excess or blockages in diseased organs, preventing its flow. Stones can be used to restore its proper circulation.

They take excess energy from the body or emit it when it is deficient. As a result, they balance energy and restore the body's balance. Stones and minerals also affect humans through their chemical composition - they often have the entire Mendeleev table in them.

  • What does the lithotherapy you conduct look like?

Z.P .: I use stones that I keep in bags so that they do not come into contact with other objects.

Before the treatment, I rinse them under running water. You can also bury them in the ground for a few hours, put them in a container with s alt or strengthen their positive energy by exposing them to the rays of the sun or the moon.

The hygiene of the stones is very important because they have the ability to accumulate bad energy, which they take over from the sick.

Each type of stone is assigned to a specific disease or condition. The stones act in points, you should apply them to the sore spot.

Sometimes it happens during the procedure that, for example, the crystal that I use breaks from the inside. This is a sign that he is taking over the patient's excess energy. I also use stone massages.

  • Who do you recommend stone therapy to?

Z.P .: Exhausted, with tarnished nerves, i.e. with energy disturbances.

Massages are extremely calming and relaxing. They relieve muscle tension and joint pain, support metabolism and the work of the circulatory system.

I use black (bas alt) or white (marble) stones. I place them on the body in the place where there are chakras (energy centers), or move them along the meridians (energy flow channels), thus restoring the energy balancetired or sick body. I trigger the self-healing process in it.

  • Do you believe in the healing power of stones and do the patients recover?

Z.P .: They come out of me with new energy to live. Except that I do not specialize only in lithotherapy. In my practice, it plays a supporting role. I use all kinds of alternative medicine therapies, and I also use evidence-based medicine research.

I do not share the naive belief that stones are an antidote to our problems. Nothing can replace a visit to the doctor.

However, it is worth surrounding yourself with stones and carrying them with you in your pocket. It won't hurt at all, and it can be prophylactic. He will give us confidence and calm us down.

There is deep wisdom in wearing talismans or amulets - it's as if we are protecting ourselves against ill luck and disease.

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Remember that the methods proposed by supporters of unconventional methods are not confirmed in scientific research and are not consistent with EBM. Before starting to use them, consult your doctor.

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