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Is it true that exercise and supplementation raise ALT in the liver?

ALT - alanine aminotransferase can be exceeded by over 300% as a result of very intense training. That is why it is worth taking a break from exercise before the test and let the body rest. You should also inform your doctor about the lifestyle we lead. People who train have such an elevated level of this enzyme because its task is to carry amine groups. They are also found in muscles and kidneys. Muscle microtrauma caused by training causes the release of enzymes into the bloodstream, and thus - increasing their concentration. It looks like serious liver damage in research results, but in reality it is perfectly he althy.

The liver should be properly looked after. It is recommended to use supplements that support its work. People taking supplements put a greater strain on their liver, so it is also worth taking care of prophylaxis. Alcohol should be avoided and a he althy, balanced diet should be used. Testing should be performed once a year. In order for the results not to be disturbed, it is recommended to abstain from stimulants, hard-to-digest food and exercise for 36 to 48 hours. Summarizing and answering your questions. It is true that ALT levels rise as a result of training and supplementation.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Tomasz Piotrowski He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. He gained his knowledge from the best experts in the fitness industry in Poland. He has several years of experience working as a dietitian in a private facility in Krakow and experience in working as a personal trainer. He also writes expert articles on he alth, training and supplementation, and works in the supplement industry. He is passionate about fist fencing.

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