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I am 16 years old and have been actively training basketball for 6 years. The tests are performed on average once every 9 months, including morphology, urine test, ECG and general development test. For the time being, I have never had bad blood results, which means I do not know exactly, because it turns out that the doctor who signs the sports cards does not even look at the results and they go to the cupboard immediately after taking them. Aside from that, I recently had a morphology elsewhere and the doctor told me the results were bad (too many blood cells, elevated hemoglobin, not enough lymphocytes). It worried me a bit, because for some time something really bad had been happening to me - nosebleeds, dizziness, and yesterday fainting. I know I don't know which blood cells I have too many, but please write me something about the other two, what it might be, what the causes and effects are. And should the visit to the doctor be accelerated or calm?

Fainting and nosebleeds may be a symptom of a weakening of the body caused by the autumn crisis or a result of a recent illness. You say that you are now 16 years old, so I conclude that a very possible scenario is that an intensive maturation process has already begun. It is always worth doing research. If bleeding and fainting occur frequently and spontaneously for no apparent reason, I recommend an accelerated visit.

Otherwise, I recommend rest, skip training for a few days, get enough sleep and reduce stress. Secondly, you should think about changing your diet. More fruits, vegetables and maybe just more calories. Your body is subjected to heavy loads, both physical and mental, and therefore needs more nutrients. Please also don't forget that you are still developing. After such symptoms, I can conclude that you may have deficiencies in B vitamins, iron and possibly vitamin K. It is worth doing research in this regard.

The cause of hemorrhages may also be the damaged mucosa of the nose, in which case the blood vessels burns may be performed. If the doctor does not find any gross deviations in the test results, you should improve the quality of food, the amount of calories, take care of longer and better sleep and reduce the intensity a little.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Tomasz Piotrowski He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. He gained his knowledge from the best experts in the fitness industry in Poland. He has several years of experience working as a dietitian in a private facility in Krakow and experience in working as a personal trainer. He also writes expert articles on he alth, training and supplementation, and works in the supplement industry. He is passionate about fist fencing.

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