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What kind of gymnastics is conducive to burning excess body fat and maintaining fitness after the age of 50

Exercise is the best way to stay fit and feel good. Often times, the loss of strength and muscle mass is not the result of an aging body, but of a simple neglect of physical exercise. Elderly people have a lower body efficiency, often problems with sufficient mobility in the joints, muscle strength and flexibility. Physical training performed regularly, regardless of the age at which it was started, significantly prolongs the smooth functioning of the body, allows you to increase muscle strength and mass, increases endurance, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, colon cancer and diabetes, facilitates weight reduction and control, and accelerates metabolism, relieves depression, improves sleep and generally improves the quality of life. The best type of training in mature age is endurance training. This can be a regular Nordic walking or Nordic walking tour, cycling or swimming. In addition to endurance exercises that also work to burn fat, it is worth using light-weight exercises that prevent osteoporosis and strengthen joints, ligaments and bones. They can be supplemented with exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, balance exercises (reducing the risk of falls and fractures) and stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of tendons, ligaments and muscles.

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Joanna Barcikowska

Graduate of the University of Physical Education in GdaƄsk, instructor of physical recreation, pilates and pilates reformer, trainer of the Warsaw Sports Academy and Thera-Band Academy, co-author of ReebokBalancePilates and Reebok Spine programs. Author of many articles on fitness, participant of television programs and promoter of pro-he alth forms of fitness.

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