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Slimming exercises on a trampoline, i.e. jumping fitness, is a form of physical exercise that combines a large dose of effort and fun. Simple springboard jumping can give your body more benefits than you think. Check what jumping fitness is all about and what advantages it has.

Do you associate jumping on a trampolineonly with children's play? This is a mistake! Fitness specialists argue that thanks to this inconspicuous activity you can not only improve flexibility and coordination, but also burn unnecessary calories faster.

What are trampoline exercises, i.e. jumping fitness?

Jumping fitness is a specially developed training system that helps you strengthen and shape your figure while having fun jumping. For training, a small single-person trampoline is used, on which exercises taken from various sports disciplines are performed. Most often it is a combination of slow and fast jumps, aerobic exercises and dynamic "runs" in place.

Thanks to a variety of jumping fitness techniques, it provides a versatile full-body workout, increasing both overall fitness and improving your condition.

Advantages of jumping fitness

Jumping on a trampoline has been proven ten times more effective than running. How it's possible? Due to the constant changes in gravity, more muscles are simultaneously engaged in movement, which increases the effectiveness of exercise. What's more, during an hour of jumping fitness training, we can burn up to 800 kcal! So if you're looking for a way to lose weight effectively, this type of exercise is perfect for you.

Why is it still worth practicing on the trampoline?

  • jumping is a good condition training - it improves circulation, helps in the work of the cardiovascular system and oxygenates;
  • is a good form of activity for people who are slimming, because it accelerates metabolism, stimulates digestive processes and contributes to the release of toxins from the body;
  • strengthens the muscles of the whole body and helps in shaping the figure;
  • increases flexibility and motor coordination;
  • is a lot of fun, reduces stress and relaxes.

Watch the video and find out what jumping classes are likefitness and why you should jump on a trampoline

Source: TVN Meteo Active / x-news

How to start jumping fitness training?

Exercises on a trampoline can be found in the offer of many fitness clubs. Trainings are conducted by trained instructors on trampolines specially designed for jumping. It is worth signing up for such classes, because group exercises additionally increase motivation and bring you closer to the common goal of losing weight.

Also at home, it is worth trying to train yourself on a trampoline. A regular children's trampoline can be used for this, although with regular exercise there is a risk that it will wear out quickly. To be sure your hardware is of good quality, pay attention to the quality of the springs. They should be solid enough to absorb jumps well, even by people with high body weight. High-quality trampolines have double barrel springs, a steel frame and a durable mat. If you plan long, regular workouts, invest in good equipment available at sports stores.

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