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I lead a not very active lifestyle and have only been following a diet for 2 weeks and exercising at the gym every other day. Weight 69 kg, height 180 cm. I am going to gain weight up to 90 kg. How many times can I eat something so that the body absorbs it and that it goes into muscle mass, not into fat? In a month's time I am also going to train martial arts so I will be more active on a daily basis. I was told it depends on the balance sheet. I just want to know if what I eat will go as fat or into muscle mass? Currently I eat: 09.30 - muesli with fruit, milk, 13.00 - rye noodles, tuna, 16.00 - brown rice, vegetables, chicken breast, carrot juice, 19.40 - protein supplement, 20.40 - brown rice, chicken breast, 22.30 - cottage cheese fatty, olive oil.

Indeed, with a positive energy balance (caloric surplus), your body fat levels may increase. To reduce the risk of this happening, increase your caloric level gradually and try to eat meals at intervals of 2.5-3.5 hours to properly nourish your body. I don't know how you ate before or how intense your current training is, but you most likely eat too much protein and too little vegetables.

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Marta Romanowska

Marta Romanowska- fitness instructor, trainer and enthusiast of a he althy lifestyle. It answers questions about fitness in a broad sense: slimming and recreational activities, the selection of exercise equipment and post-workout regeneration. He advises on how to compose a diet to make exercise more effective.

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