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What can I do to avoid gaining weight in the winter? After the spring and summer period, I feel great and lose weight spontaneously, when the sun is shining, I lose weight without any problems and I can not eat at all, I'm joking that I eat the energy of the sun, the air is a vacation. Unfortunately, in winter it is quite the opposite, dark cold. After the winter, I gain about 7 kg and I feel it a lot. I'm getting disabled and all my clothes are too small, some of them I can't wear at all. The same scenario every year, despite all efforts. What can I do to change this?

The given scenario is typical for many people. Together with the sun's rays, we are able to provide up to 90% of the daily requirement for vitamin D. Additionally, the sun influences the production of endorphins, or happiness hormones (Dermatoendocrinology, 2013 Jan 1; 5 (1): 51-108). In order to maintain the effect of summer stimulation in the off-season, vitamin D3 and endorphins should be supplied to the body, e.g. as a result of strength training.

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Marta Romanowska

Marta Romanowska- fitness instructor, trainer and enthusiast of a he althy lifestyle. It answers questions about fitness in a broad sense: slimming and recreational activities, the selection of exercise equipment and post-workout regeneration. He advises on how to compose a diet to make exercise more effective.

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