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Aerobics is a slimming exercise with music that you can do at home! For beginners, low impact aerobics are best suited, as it gradually gets the body used to the effort and does not pose a risk of injury. Watch your aerobics training on the video.

Aerobicsis a concept that usually means aerobic (conditioning) exercises arranged according to a specific choreography, performed to lively, rhythmic music. However, the term "aerobics" has more meanings and can be used to describe any type of exercise that increases oxygen exchange and raises the pulse ( although for the sake of distinction, we more often refer to such effort as "aerobic training").

Find out exactly what aerobics is and watch a video of a beginner's exercise kit at home.


  1. What is aerobics? Definition of aerobics
  2. Aerobic steps
  3. Aerobics - exercises for beginners
  4. Aerobics - slimming exercises
  5. Aerobic effects

What is aerobics? Definition of aerobics

Aerobics as aerobic effort

Aerobics is by definition a training based on intensive oxygen exchange. What does this mean?

During this type of exercise, the body takes in more oxygen, which it needs to produce energy for the working muscles. This energy is produced by the oxidation of glucose, fat and amino acids. Burning fats does not start until about 20 minutes after starting exercise, so people who are slimming should exercise aerobics for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Based on this definition, aerobics includes any type of activity that increases the body's oxygen intake, and speeds up the circulation and heart rate. It will be e.g. running, cycling, jumping rope, swimming, roller skating, exercises on a stepper, elliptical, etc.

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Aerobics as a type of training

In a narrower sense, aerobics is gymnastic and dance training of low or moderate difficulty level, performed to music, which is aerobic in nature (i.e. increases the pulse, improves condition, causes fat burning). This type of training is offered by many fitness clubs, but you can do aerobicsalso practice at home in front of the TV, smartphone or computer screen.

Aerobic steps

For aerobic exercises, steps such as step touch, V-step, and heel back are characteristic of which the instructor creates a choreography. The sequence of successive steps is a dance pattern to energetic music.

The basic steps in aerobics are:

  • step touch- additional step left and right
  • step out- shifting the body weight once to the left, once to the right leg with the accent on the opposite foot
  • V-step- diagonal step with the right leg to the right, left leg to the left and return to the position with feet joined
  • heel back- bending the knee with the movement of the foot towards the buttock, shifting the weight of the body to the other leg
  • grapevine- additional step with an additional cross at the back
  • knee up- lifting the knee towards the chest with the transfer of body weight to the opposite leg
  • mambo- walking in one place and putting your foot back one step forward, one backward

Aerobics can also be practiced with the use of a step, i.e. a rectangular step. Then the training is more intense and more strongly engages the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

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Aerobics - exercises for beginners

Aerobics low impact is a type of exercise suitable for people who are in poor condition and are just starting to exercise. It is not injured and does not burden the joints. It is a great way to improve the efficiency and overall fitness of the body.

Below you will find a video of low impact aerobics training for beginners. Exercises last 6 minutes and are designed to keep the body moving and prepare for more intense exercise (as you remember, to lose weight, you need to exercise at least 30 minutes - a longer slimming training can be found below).

Watch Simple Aerobics Workout For Beginners

The instructor shows the basic steps of aerobics, incl. step touch, V-step, knee up and mambo.

Aerobics - slimming exercises

This aerobic workout is longer and slightly more difficult, requiring good motor coordination. It lasts about 30 minutes - an effort of this length allows you to lose about 200-250 kcal.

Aerobic effects

30 minutes of low impact aerobics (with low intensity) allows you to burn approx. 200 kcal. The same high impact aerobic training (high intensity) will burn about 250kcal.

In addition to losing calories, aerobics strengthens all muscle groups because it engages the entire body to work. After just 2 weeks of regular training, you will notice the first visible effects of exercise, incl. slimming thighs and arms, reducing cellulite, firming the buttocks, reducing the circumference of the abdomen.

Aerobics also has many he alth benefits - it improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart, oxygenates the body and thus helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it increases endurance and improves motor coordination.

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