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Are you asking yourself how much should I weigh when I am 158, 164, 165 or 170 cm tall? We know how to calculate the correct weight. Or maybe you are wondering how much a man should weigh?

Try our calculator and check how much you should weigh - just choose your gender, enter your height (in centimeters) and click "calculate".

How does the Ideal Weight Calculator work?

The calculator calculates the ideal weight according to Potton's formula:

ideal weight formula for women ideal body weight [kg]=height [cm] - 100 - (height [cm] - 100) / 10 ideal weight formula for men ideal body weight [kg]=height [ cm] - 100 - (height [cm] - 100) / 20

IMPORTANT: The formula can be used in adults taller than 150 cm.

Potton's formula is one of the formulas for determining the correct body weight. Other best known ideal weight formulas are: BMI, Broc's, Broca-Brugsh, Bernhard, Lorentz and the American Life Insurance Association.

All these formulas should be treated as indicative, as they do not take into account the body composition, i.e. the ratio of muscle mass to fat mass. Often, physically active people with high muscle mass are classified as overweight according to calculation formulas. The ideal weight formulas are therefore the most reliable for people with an average body build. An important factor is the figure, body appearance, well-being, and most of all body fat, which is the main indicator of normal body weight and can be measured by a simple method of electrical bioimpedance.

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