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COVID-19 vaccine queue calculator - thanks to it you can check your place in the queue for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccination. Also calculate when you should get two doses of the vaccine and get full immunity. Learn more about the COVID-19 Vaccine Queue Calculator!

COVID-19 Vaccine Queue Calculatoris a solution that will help you check each patient's place in the queue for vaccination. The tool is based on thesequence published in the National Immunization Program and user data.Takes into account age, activity and he alth status, and on this basisshows the minimum and maximum number of people in the queueand also indicates the expected date of the vaccine and the achievement of full immunity.

Zobrazujemycalculator operationCOVID-19 vaccine queue. For a professionally active 30-year-old, vaccination is due between May 21 and September 5 this year. However, it is estimated that it will obtain full immunity around September 12 this year. Regarding the other case, if this 30-year-old is a teacher, that has priority and will be vaccinated sooner. She should take both doses between January 13 and April 6 this year.The estimation of the vaccination date, however, depends on many variablesincl. on the number of weekly vaccinations and vaccination coverage. It should be treated as indicative.

The COVID-19 vaccine queue calculator was designed in theframework of the Omni Calculator platform by the Krakow start-up . It is the result of the work of doctors Aleksandra Zając and Dominika Miszewska, PhD student at the Medical University of Warsaw

Todaycheck your placein the queue for vaccination!

COVID-19 Vaccine Queue Calculator

It is worth remembering that the COVID-19vaccine queue calculator is not an official tool.This is only an estimate of the approximate date of vaccination.

Division into groups and stages for vaccination

Vaccinations against COVID-19, the so-calledgroup zero , are currently underway, i.e. employees of he alth care institutions, nursing homes and administrative staff of these units. Processregistration of universal vaccinations of Poles against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is to startJanuary 15, 2022r. It was divided into three stages:

  • Inin the first stageinmates of Nursing Homes and Care and Treatment Institutions, nursing and care institutions and other places of stationary stay, people over 60 years of age in the order of the oldest, service uniforms, teachers, as well as soldiers of the Polish Army, including the Territorial Defense Forces, officers of the Police, Border Guard, Municipal and Municipal Guard, Fire Brigade, TOPR and GOPR employees, who directly participate in anti-epidemic activities and are responsible for national security.
  • The second stage of vaccinationwill cover people under 60 years of age with chronic diseases that increase the risk of severe COVID-19, or during diagnosis and treatment requiring repeated or continuous contact with he alth care facilities. This group also includes people who directly ensure the functioning of the basic activities of the state and are at risk of infection due to frequent social contacts.
  • Stage three of vaccinationcovers the remaining groups. It will include entrepreneurs and employees of sectors closed under the regulations on the establishment of specific restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the occurrence of the epidemic. As part of the third stage, also foreigners (persons with the right to permanent or temporary residence) will be vaccinated due to the work performed in Poland in the groups indicated in stages 0-III.

For more official information on immunization, see the government's Covid-19 Vaccination website.


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