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Although awareness of the effects of drinking alcohol in pregnancy is growing, as many as 10 percent of pregnant women still drink alcoholic beverages (data from the campaign "A Better Start for Your Baby"). Many of them believe that small amounts of beer or wine are not harmful. Meanwhile, any amount of alcohol drunk during pregnancy can cause irreversible damage to the fetus. A baby may be born with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) or FAE. We dispel doubts about alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is it harmful only to drink large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy?A small amount of alcohol drunk during pregnancy can have a negative effect on a child.

Does the alcohol drunk by the mother get into the baby's body?Alcohol particles cross the placenta, negatively affecting the fetus. Half an hour after the mother drinks alcohol, its concentration in the baby's blood is the same as in the mother's blood.

What might be the effects of drinking large amounts of alcohol while pregnant?

  • miscarriage or premature birth,
  • low birth weight of the child,
  • brain damage (in each trimester of pregnancy),
  • ADHD team,
  • growth retardation,
  • heart defects,
  • kidney defects,
  • vision and hearing problems,
  • occurrence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Can I drink alcohol while pregnant?

Does drinking a glass of wine have a positive influence on the well-being of pregnant women? that red wine can have a beneficial effect on the well-being of future mothers. 16% of respondents heard these opinions from a doctor. Nothing could be further wrong, as even a small amount of alcohol can damage the fetus.Can drinking alcohol in pregnancy damage the baby's brain?Alcohol taken during pregnancy can cause the umbilical vessels to contract, disrupting the flow nutrients and oxygen to the fetus, increasing the risk of hypoxia and malnutrition. Children of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy are more likely to be born prematurely, with malformations (mainly craniofacial and heart defects), and symptoms of abstinence are observed in newbornsalcoholic.Is the alcohol drunk by the mother reaching the fetus lower?Alcohol drunk by the mother passes into the fetus in the same concentration as in the mother's blood. However, due to the fact that the child has poorly developed enzymes that eliminate alcohol from the blood, the effects of its presence are felt by them for twice as long as for the mother.Can drinking alcohol in a pregnant woman reduce the fertility of her future son? (the unit is 12 grams of pure alcohol, i.e. a can of beer) as young men produced sperm of inferior quality.

Does drinking alcohol contribute to the development of cancer?

Can drinking alcohol during lactation harm my baby?Medicine does not consider it a good idea. Even non-alcoholic beer is carbonated with 0.4% or 0.5% alcohol - this can cause colic in your baby.When can drinking alcohol during pregnancy harm your baby the most?The greatest danger awaits your baby in the first three months of pregnancy, when its organs are forming. During this time, any harmful external factors - chemical, bacterial, radioactive - can harm the baby the most.Does drinking alcohol during pregnancy affect a child's intelligence level?Drinking alcohol during pregnancy lowers a child's intelligence. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh report that drinking even small amounts of alcohol by pregnant women can have a devastating effect on the cognitive development of their children.

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