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Christmas Eve dishes, although fasting, can be very fattening. The Christmas Eve table, full to the brim, is full of fried, hard-to-digest and… caloric dishes. Check how many calories there are borscht with dumplings, mushroom soup, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, carp, herring, Greek-style fish, cabbage with peas, kutia, poppy seed cake or dried fruit compote.

Tradition requires that on Christmas Eve try each of the 12 dishes. If you are wondering how to do it and not to overdo it with calories,check the caloric content of Christmas Eve dishes .

How many calories does borscht with dumplings have?

The caloric content of this dish depends mainly on how many handles we add to a portion of borscht. Pure borscht (200 ml) has no more than 30 kcal. If we throw four small ears made of water into it (approx. 72 kcal), the calorific value of the whole dish will be slightly over 100 kcal.

How many calories does mushroom soup have?

In one plate (250 g) of pure, unbleached mushroom soup there will be little, about 30 kcal. A portion of mushroom with noodles and cream has even 300 kcal. Remember that mushrooms are hard to digest, so add dill and black pepper to the soup to improve digestion.

How many calories do dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms have?

Boiled and fried dumplings will provide about 220 kcal, if served straight from the water, their calorific value will decrease to 160 kcal. Baked dumplings have only 10 kcal more than cooked ones.

How many calories does carp have?

100 g of cooked carp served in jelly will have 136 calories. Fried carp in breadcrumbs is a high-calorie dish (it has 162 kcal), so if you care about your diet and don't like jelly carp, replace it with baked fish. A 100-gram portion of carp baked with herbs and spices will contain 147 kcal.

How many calories does herring have?

A serving (100 g) of herring in oil is over 300 kcal. The herring itself is not very caloric (the raw slice has half the calories), but the oil adds caloric value. Sour-cream herring has only about 96 kcal, and marinated herring (rollmops) not much more, because it is 104 kcal.

How many calories does fish have in Greek?

Traditionally prepared dish in 100 g will have about 150 kcal. The caloric content of the dish may be increased by the oil on which the fish and onion are fried, as well as egg and flour coating. The fish itself(the best to fish in Greek will be: pollock, miruna, cod, s alt) and vegetables, not high-calorie ingredients.

How many calories do cabbage with peas and cabbage with mushrooms have?

One serving of cabbage with peas (3 tablespoons) has about 145 kcal. Much less, because only 80 kcal will be in cabbage with mushrooms. Warning! The given calorific value does not apply to dishes with roux and oil - the dish prepared in this way will be much more caloric.

How many calories does a vegetable salad have?

In 100 g of traditional vegetable salad (with egg, pickled cucumber, peas, corn, boiled carrots, potatoes, parsley, leek, light mayonnaise and mustard) there will be approx. 70 kcal.

How many calories does kutia have?

Kutia is one of the most caloric Christmas Eve dishes. There are many recipes for kutia, but the most popular version, i.e. kutia with wheat, honey, poppy seeds, milk, various types of nuts and dried nuts and raisins, has up to 300 kcal per serving.

How many calories does poppy seed cake have?

Makowiec is a very caloric dessert. In 100 g (i.e. a small piece) there will be about 350 kcal. The most caloric ingredient of a traditional poppy seed cake is not just the dough (yeast or sponge cake), but the poppy seed mass mixed with dried fruits (3 large spoons of the poppy seed mass you buy will be around 218 kcal).

How many calories does dried fruit compote have?

Dried compote is quite a drink. Typically one cup (150 ml) will have around 200 kcal, but this depends on the amount of sweetener added (sugar, honey, stevia). It is also worth eating dried fruit from compote, because they contain dietary fiber that facilitates digestion.

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