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Training with a medicine ball can successfully replace a visit to the gym. This slightly forgotten gymnastic device is very versatile: it increases strength, endurance, improves motor coordination, strengthens the deep muscles and shapes the body. Watch the video where the instructor Agata Dąbrowska shows an example of a medicine ball training.

Training with a medicine ballis one of the most universal ways to improve your condition and achieve a strong, athletic figure. It belongs to the group of functional training, which is characterized by imitating natural movements performed on a daily basis, such as lifting, grasping and pushing. Thanks to this, the body learns the correct movement patterns and is more resistant to overload.

It is worth adding that training with a medicine ball is a great replacement for exercises with dumbbells, kettle bells, bands or rubber sashes. It also has a significant advantage over strength training with the use of machines - all muscle groups work while lifting or throwing a medicine ball, thanks to which the silhouette develops harmoniously. When exercising with equipment, individual muscles work in isolation, which weakens coordination and the dynamics of movements.

Try the following set of exercises with a medicine ball, prepared by trainer Agata Dąbrowska

Medicine ball training - rules

Training includes 8 exercises that you can do with a medicine ball of any weight. Choose the weight of the device depending on your posture and level of fitness. Beginners can start with 2 kilos.

Repeat each ball exercise 15-20 times. Perform 2-3 series in total. You can train 1-2 times a week, remembering to have at least a 1-day break between each training session.

The exercises should be preceded by a 7-minute general warm-up.

1. Burpees with medicine ball

Stand with your knees slightly bent, holding the medicine ball in front of you. Jump up lifting the ball above your head. Then, after touching the ground with your feet, immediately put the device on the floor and, leaning on it with your hands, make a dynamic lunge, both backwards. Keep your knees slightly bent at all times. Jump back into a squat, stand up, and repeat the sequence from the beginning.

2. Squats with jump

Stand astride, point your toes outwards, keep the ball in front of you.Do a deep squat with your buttocks below the knee line. Then jump dynamically and jump out by lifting the ball above your head. Land on slightly bent knees and go straight to the squat.

3. Torso rotations with throwing a medicine ball

Stand on your toes hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly. With the medicine ball in your hands, rotate your torso to the right and raise the device above your head at the same time. From this position, throw the ball perpendicularly downwards and catch it after bounce. If you don't have a bouncing ball, do a squat to pick up the tool. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

4. Women's push-ups with medicine ball

Put a medicine ball on the floor. Kneel down as for a push-up and place one hand on the ball so that the angle between your forearm and shoulder is 90 degrees. Rest your other hand on the floor. Turn your elbows outwards. Keeping your back and thighs in a straight line, perform the push-up. After you have done half the repetitions, switch sides.

5. Mountain climbers

Leave the medicine ball on the floor. Make a front support on the ball: lean on it with both hands, straighten your elbows, lift your knees off the ground so that your head, torso and legs form a straight line. Keeping your stomach tense, alternately bring your knees up to your chest. Don't twist your hips.

6. Side lunges based on the ball

Stay supported on the medicine ball. Keeping your body in line, extend your right leg to the side, bring it together, and then extend your left leg. Repeat alternately. Remember about a tense stomach.

7. Pocket knives

Lie on your back, put the medicine ball behind your head. Hold the device with both hands and at the same time, tightening your abdomen tightly, lift your straight legs and the ball upwards - so that the ball touches the ankle area. Then lower your legs again and carry the ball behind your head.

8. Crunches with medicine ball

You need a companion for this exercise. Lie on your back, hold the medicine ball behind your head. Bend your legs at the knees. Contract your abs and tense by bringing the ball in front of you. In the final phase of the move, throw it to your partner. Do one more tummy, then pick up the ball and put it over your head again. Repeat the entire sequence in the diagram: tummy with the ball, tummy without the ball.

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