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The only way to lose weight he althily is to limit your food intake, change your diet, and increase your physical activity. Weight loss aids in the form of teas or diet pills will not do anything without your effort. Regardless of whether you want to lose a few or a dozen kilograms, the principles of he althy, safe weight loss are the same. The main difference is the time to reach the destination.

He althy weight lossrequires patience above all. New, wonderful slimming diets appear every season, but let's be honest - there are no magic dishes or sets of foods that will help you lose weight without sacrifice. The only thing it can do is limit the amount of calories you eat. You've probably tried many backbreaking diets, to no avail. Now we offer you ahe althy weight loss program , which will help you deal with excess weight once and for all and finally enjoy your dream figure.

1. Take care of a varied menu

A monotonous menu favors nutritional deficiencies, which adversely affects the metabolism. Therefore, when limiting calories, you should remember about important nutrients and take care of a varied menu. Every day, eat products from different groups that will provide your body with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

  • From cereal products, choose wholesome grains (including thick groats, whole grain bread, brown rice, oatmeal), because they are a source ofcomplex carbohydratesthat they are absorbed more slowly and release energy gradually. In addition, they stimulate the metabolism and provide B vitamins and minerals necessary for slimming. Complex carbohydrates are also vegetables that cannot be omitted while maintaining a nice figure. They can appear in the form of lunch salads, as a dinner vegetable or an addition to a morning sandwich. On the censored, there are simple carbohydrates (contained, among others, in white bread, cookies, jams), which, apart from a large dose of calories, give energy only for a short time.
  • A good source ofwholesome proteinis milk and its products (choose lean!), White meat (e.g. chicken, turkey) and fish. It is also worth eating legumes (beans, chickpeas, peas),which are rich in vegetable protein. Protein should be present in every meal, because it is the main building block of our tissues, it also gives a longer feeling of fullness after a meal and accelerates metabolism.
  • Choose from fatsvegetable fats(rapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower seeds), and significantly reduce animal fats, replacing them with lean substitutes, e.g. cream - yogurt, butter - high-quality margarine in a mug, pork - poultry, fatty sea fish (e.g. salmon, herring). To reduce the amount of fat in your food, change from frying to baking, stewing or steaming.

2. Eat regularly

Another rule of he althy weight loss is regularity - it is best to eat 4-5 small meals a day, then the body burns the calories provided to it more easily. If you skip one meal, the next one will be bigger, or you will get other snacks along the way. Therefore, after the obligatory breakfast before leaving home at work, do not sit only on water, eat a he althy lunch, lunch - thanks to this you will have a lower appetite in the evening. Try to eat at fixed times, and eat the last light meal at least 2-3 hours before going to bed, because eating just before bedtime results in extra pounds. During meals, focus on what is on your plate, chew your bites slowly (the brain receives a message about satisfying the hunger only 20 minutes after starting the meal), and finish eating slightly unsatisfied.

3. Remember about fiber

Fiber is extremely important in weight loss because it absorbs water and swells in the stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness. At the same time, it improves the functioning of the intestines and helps to cleanse the body of toxic metabolic products. The greatest amounts of fiber are found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The latter should be chosen carefully, because some (e.g. grapes, bananas) contain a lot of sugar and thus a lot of calories. A lot of fiber and fewer calories are e.g. in raspberries, apples, currants, gooseberries, strawberries, kiwi, while pineapple, grapefruit and papaya have the effect of supporting weight loss.

4. Stay hydrated and cut off alcohol

Drink approx. 2 liters of fluid every day. The best choices are water, green tea (slightly stimulates the metabolism), fruit and herbal teas without sugar, because they do not contain calories. Drink them regularly throughout the day without waiting until you feel thirsty, and drink a glass of water before eating to help you eat less. Avoid sweetened carbonated drinks and lots of fruit juices because they have a lot of sugar. You can reach for vegetable juices. Avoid alcohol during the diet as it only contains empty calories. Most of them arein drinks, cocktails and also in beer. Occasionally, you may be tempted to try dry red wine (it is rich in antioxidants).

5. Add natural fat burners to your diet

Adding hot spices to your dishes - pepper, chili, ginger, horseradish or mustard - is a good way to boost your metabolism. They stimulate the production of heat (thermogenesis) in the body and help you lose weight. Record holders among natural thermogenics are chili peppers - they increase caloric consumption by up to about 20%. On the other hand, gingerol contained in ginger accelerates the burning of fat accumulated on the abdomen and in internal organs. Remember to limit s alt as it retains water in the body. According to WHO recommendations, you can consume up to 6 g of s alt (a teaspoon) per day, but a gram is enough for the body to function properly.

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How many calories do you need per day?

  • a woman who works mentally - 2,300 kcal
  • a woman who works physically - 2800 kcal
  • for a mentally working man - 2400 kcal
  • men who work hard physically - 4000 kcal

6. Choose an activity that will please you

You don't have to go to the fitness club every day, but try to exercise 2-3 times a week for about 45 minutes, because only 30 minutes after starting the training your body starts to burn fat. The best for this are aerobic exercise, e.g. Nordic walking, jogging, cycling, swimming. You can also exercise, dance, visit the gym - it's important to do what you like. The effort should be varied, because then it shapes different parts of the figure. However, the benefits of exercise are not only a firmer body, but also a better metabolism, because a kilogram of muscle burns three times more calories than a kilogram of fat. Exercise also reduces levels of weight-promoting hormones such as cortisol by secreting stress-relieving endorphins, and increases the production of fat-burning hormones, including testosterone, growth hormone, DHEA and thyroxine, i.e. thyroid hormone.

7. Get enough sleep - a short sleep helps you gain weight

Studies show that people who sleep too shortly increase the level of ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and decrease the level of leptin (the satiety hormone) - that is, when you do not sleep, you are more hungry and it is more difficult to satisfy your appetite. In addition, a study conducted at the University of Chicago found that he althy people deprived of deep, slow-wave sleep (the phase in which the greatest amount of growth hormone is released) for three days have a 23% reduction in their ability to process sugar (becomeinsulin resistant). However, too long sleep is also not beneficial for the figure, because, according to research by Canadian scientists, people who sleep less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours weigh on average 2 kg more and have a larger waist circumference than those who sleep 8 hours a day. day.

8. Tame stress, because its excess slows down the metabolism

Excessive stress can upset the hormonal balance in the body. According to Dr. Scott Isaacs, a hormone specialist, author of the book "The Leptin Boost Diet", stress contributes to leptin resistance, reduced insulin sensitivity, decreased estrogen levels in women and testosterone levels in men, decreased levels of growth hormone, increased levels of cortisol , thyroid disorders. And each of these changes slows down the metabolism. Research from American scientists shows that chronic stress also increases the secretion of the hunger hormone, which explains the irresistible craving for something sweet in a stressful situation. Find your way to relieve stress. Sometimes, to get rid of bad emotions, you have to cycle 30 km, break a plate (or even a few), dance the night away or cry on your friend's sleeve. In times of crisis, use raw vegetables, e.g. chopped carrots or kohlrabi. But if you feel that you cannot cope with stress and you are prone to eating problems, go to a psychologist - you will gain proven methods of fighting tension.

9. Don't get discouraged when your weight loss pace is too slow

At first you lose weight faster, but after a few weeks the declines may stop. The body adapts to less energy and new mass. Then it is necessary to tighten the diet (calorific value is reduced by 200 kcal) and increase physical effort (e.g. from 1 to 2 times a week). This is a new stimulus for the body, which will increase its "turnover" again.

10. Don't worry if you break the diet rules from time to time

Would you like a cookie, ice cream or pork chop? Sometimes you can afford it. But remember that small infractions do not become the rule as they will ruin the whole plan. If you eat extra calories, don't blame yourself for lack of discipline, just cut down on your next meal a bit or jump on the bike. Many nutritionists even claim that the so-called a cheat meal, which is a "cheated" diet meal once a week, even helps you lose weight.

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Fasting and restrictive diets won't help

Your friend thinks that taking laxatives is a great way to lose weight? This is paranoia! There is no physiological method of losing weight. Diarrhea irritates the digestive system, disrupts the absorption processes, and dehydrates the body. Together with it, we get rid of minerals and vitamins necessary for life. Long-term fasting and restrictive diets are equally pointless. By not consuming food or eating to a very limited extent, we deprive the body of the ingredients necessary for normal functioning, we teach it to store supplies for a rainy day.

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