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The Spanish diet is a fairly restrictive form of weight loss, but among other low-calorie diets it is distinguished by the richness of flavors. In addition, it is a source of all nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals, which makes it one of the most rational and effective slimming diets. Check what the Spanish diet is all about. What are its rules? How much weight can you lose on the Spanish diet?

The Spanish dietis a two-weekslimming dietin which you have to count calories. The daily energy requirement is only 1,300 calories. Nevertheless, the Spanish diet is rationally composed because it contains the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as the right amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. This is very important because all of the above ingredients affect the course of fat burning processes, and the lack of one of them may adversely affect the effect of a slimming diet. Consequently, the Spanish diet, which is included in theMediterranean diet , can be considered one of the best forms of weight loss.

Spanish diet - good for whom, bad for whom?

The Spanish dietis a fairly rigorous form of weight loss, therefore it should not be used by people in adolescence and breastfeeding women. It is not recommended for people struggling with vitamin deficiencies or other he alth problems. In addition, it can be used by virtually anyone who wants to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. The Spanish diet is an excellent proposition, especially for overworked and lazy people, because the preparation of each dish takes only a dozen or so minutes.

Spanish diet - rules. What is the Spanish diet?

The Spanish diet is a slimming treatment in which you can provide the body with a maximum of 1,300 calories a day. According to the recommendations of its creators, one meal cannot contain more than 160 calories, and the amount of fat in 100 g cannot exceed 10%. the daily requirement for this nutrient.

The menu of the Spanish dietincludes, among others Frozen vegetables and fruits, as well as semi-finished products such as beans or canned tuna, therefore preparing meals is quick and easy. In addition, the menu of the Spanish diet can bemodify, e.g. change the composition of salads, and replace the chicken with a fatty fish (within the allowed number of 160 calories). Exceptionally, in a moment of weakness for afternoon tea or second breakfast, you can reach for 2 cubes of milk chocolate (approx. 64 kcal) or a yeast croissant, which has 250 kcal.

During the day you should eat 4-5 meals, with breaks of 3-4 hours.

You also cannot forget about the right amount of fluids. It is best to consume about 2 liters a day, including one liter of water (you should consume fruit juices in moderate amounts). This is important because the body is cleansed of toxins during weight loss.


The Spanish diet should not be used for more than 2 weeks!

The Spanish diet is a fairly rigorous form of weight loss, therefore it should not be used for more than 2 weeks without harming your he alth.

Spanish diet - effects

Strict adherence to the principles of the Spanish diet should result in a weight loss of 3 kilograms per week. After completing the treatment, the weight should be 6 kg less.


The Spanish diet carries the risk of the jo-jo effect

The Spanish diet, like any diet that allows for significant weight loss in a short time, carries the risk of the yo-yo effect. To avoid this, after its completion, it is recommended to go on a weekly diet of 1500 kcal, and only then you can return to the traditional, balanced diet of 2000 kcal.

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