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The egg diet is quite restrictive, monotonous and not very he althy. If you don't like eggs, forget about it. Someone will ask - why are we writing about her? Because the egg diet is very low in calories and loses weight instantly. Learn the rules and consequences of an egg diet.

The Egg Dietis a slimming diet developed by nutritionists at the Mayo Clinic in America, dealing with the treatment of obesity.The egg dietallows you to lose up to 5 kg in a few days. The creators recommend using it for two weeks. Most doctors and nutritionists believe, however, that you can only eat in this way for 3-5 days.

Like anyexpress dietis too restrictive and simply harmful. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for people with high cholesterol and a sick liver. After completing such a monodiet, also expect a yo-yo effect.

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Egg diet: slimming properties of eggs

Egg is low in calories (about 70 kcal) and rich in wholesome protein. Nutritionists confirm the slimming properties of protein, which only converts a small part of calories into fat and satisfies the appetite for a long time. Egg is also rich in easily digestible vitamins A, D, E and K, it contains, among others magnesium, potassium and unsaturated fatty acids.

Egg diet: rules of the egg diet

For the next few days, your diet will consist mostly of eggs. They can disgust even the most loyal fans. You have to eat 6 eggs every day, only hard-boiled eggs. Remember not to cook them for more than 10 minutes. After this time, the protein becomes less digestible and loses a lot of its nutrients.

Eggs should be eaten with some kind of fat, e.g. mayonnaise, oil, olive oil or butter. You need to drink 3 liters of water, herbal or fruit teas, weak black tea and coffee daily. You can enrich your menu with fruit and vegetables. If you can't look at eggs anymore, replace them with chicken breast for dinner, but only on the last day of your diet. You should only eat three meals a day.

Egg diet: side effects of the egg monodiet

Increase in blood cholesterol, and hence the risk of occurrenceblood clots. A small amount of carbohydrate can also make you feel weak and sleepy. Additionally, you may experience vomiting and a rash caused by too much protein.

Sample menu in an egg diet

  • Breakfast

2 hard-boiled eggs, one grapefruit

  • Lunch

2 hard-boiled eggs, vegetable salad (e.g. carrots, apples and celery, or tomatoes with olive oil).

  • Dinner

2 hard-boiled eggs, one apple or orange

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