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Fat burning is to be accelerated by diet pills containing fat burners, i.e. fat burners. How do they work? By increasing body temperature (thermogenesis) during exercise. Which supplements actually accelerate fat burning?

Pharmacy shelves bend under the weight of preparations intended to support slimming. Each of them tempts with catchy slogans and innovative ingredients. Which supplements that accelerate fat burning are worth trying because they are scientifically proven?


Piperineis an alkaloid found in black pepper. It belongs to the thermogenics - it enhances the process of thermogenesis, which is defined as the increase of heat production in the body after food consumption. It improves the blood supply to the digestive system, which intensifies the absorption of nutrients. Such a process causes increased penetration of nutrients into the blood and lymph. It also stimulates the histamine receptors found in the gastric mucosa, improving digestive processes. It speeds up the metabolism, and this allows for faster oxidation of adipose tissue. In addition, it increases the growth of muscle tissue. Only a few preparations with piperine can be found in pharmacies. Products from Bioperine® have the highest content of this alkaloid - 95% piperine (and the standard black pepper extract contains from 3% to 9% piperine).

rumenic acid (CLA - conjugated linoleic acid)

Rumen acidis sometimes called linoleic acid or simplyCLA- and it is the last abbreviation that most often appears on the packaging of dietary supplements supporting slimming . CLA blocks the enzyme that allows fat to penetrate fat cells, which leads to their enlargement and weight. A few years ago, Portuguese scientists announced the results of their research, which showed that thanks to CLA, in three months you can lose more than 6 kg without diet and training. People who consumed rumenic acid (3.2 g CLA daily) lost an average of 7% of body fat, but those who additionally trained had a twice as good result. Rumen acid can be found in food products, for example in cow's milk. However, it is worth being aware that the CLA content will not always be high enough to trigger an effectslimming.

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Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogiais a plant found in Southeast Asia - for thousands of years it has been treated as a spice, and in natural medicine as an important ingredient in many drugs.

Garcinia cambogia fruit has a very high concentration of hydroxyacetic acid ( HCA ), which inhibits the synthesis of fat from carbohydrates and proteins, which reduces the formation of adipose tissue. In addition, it increases the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are transformed into ketone compounds that suppress appetite.

This plant also stimulates increased production and deposition of glycogen in the liver and muscles, and sensitizes liver glycoreceptors.

Taking garcinia cambogia extracts, in addition to very good results in slimming, can support the treatment of atherosclerosis by lowering the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.


L-carnitineis a substance necessary for the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria - specific cell factories of the body. In the mitochondria, fatty acids are oxidized (burned) and thus the energy necessary for the body's vital functions is generated.

L-carnitine helps to get rid of excess body fat as it uses stored fat as an energy source. However, it should be remembered that the mere use of a supplement containing this compound is not enough.

Regular physical activity that mobilizes muscles to work, and thus - to use fat as a source of energy, and a proper diet are important.

The human body synthesizes a small amount of carnitine (approx. 25%), but its basic source for the organism is the diet. Deficiency results in a reduction in physical and intellectual performance. After a little physical exertion, you develop severe fatigue and even signs of exhaustion.

L-carnitine is often used by athletes as it plays an important role in prolonged exercise. People who engage in physical exercise have an increased need for L-carnitine. It optimizes the energy processes in the muscles.

Green tea

In severalIn recent decadesgreen teahas undergone numerous tests to find out whether it is actually believed to have he alth benefits.

As a result, drinking green tea has been shown to increase fat burning at rest and prevent obesity.

A study at the University of Birmingham found that the average level of fat burning after taking green tea extract was 17% higher than after taking a placebo.

Also the proportion of energy obtained from fat burning to the total energy produced by the body was higher by a similar amount after taking the extract

Taking green tea extract not only increases fat burning during moderate-intensity exercise, but also improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in he althy young people.


Resveratrolis a component of, among others red wine, so far appreciated mainly due to its antiatherosclerotic effect. It has recently turned out that it may also have slimming properties.

Several studies using resveratrol in animals and isolated tissues have shown that this compound has a high probability of supporting the reduction of stored fat and the development of muscle tissue in humans.

According to scientists, resveratrol affects the regulation of energy balance, which may prevent diet-related diseases - obesity (resveratrol stimulates the breakdown of fat cells) and related metabolic disorders, including diabetes.

The best source of resveratrol is dark grape varieties, especially their skins. The fresh skins of these grapes contain 50-100 mg of resveratrol per 1 g.

Resveratrol is also produced in the fermentation of grape skins, so it is also present in wine. The greatest amount of this compound can be found in red wine, because ethanol has longer contact with the grape skins during the fermentation process than during the production of white wine.

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