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Diet catering is a specially prepared set of dietary meals that are delivered to your home or work. The diet in the form of catering is composed depending on the individual expectations of the client. This type of service can be used not only by people who are slimming, but also allergy sufferers, vegetarians and people struggling with diabetes. Check what the increasingly fashionable diet catering is all about.

What is dietary catering?

Diet cateringis a set of meals created by specialists in the field of nutrition, based on the individual needs and expectations of the client. Before the ready diet reaches the customer's door, nutritionists interview us, during which they learn, among others about his taste preferences and diseases (e.g. diabetes). Based on this information, a set of 5 dietary meals is prepared, which reach their home or work every day at the time chosen by the client. Diet catering is therefore a great solution for people who do not have time to count calories or prepare wholesome meals.

Diet catering - for whom?

The services of a dietitian can be used by anyone who wants to lose weight or just start eating he althy. A nutritionist can also help:

  • people with food allergies,
  • diabetics,
  • people struggling with atherosclerosis and hypertension,
  • vegetarians,
  • people suffering from gastric ulcer,
  • for women struggling with cellulite.

Diet in the form of catering, which is what?

People who choose dietary catering can choose between well-known diets, such as slimming diets (1000, 1200 or 1500 kcal), anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol diets or high-protein diets. The offers also include:

  • diets in cardio and strength training,
  • diets that build muscle mass,
  • diets for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Many companies also offer diets aimed at cleansing the body of toxins, strengthening immunity and improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Ready-made sets of dishesdietary - costs

The price for one day of delivery of 5 meals is from 50 to 70 PLN (for weekly orders). If we choose monthly dietary catering, the price per day of delivery may be lower on average by PLN 4. The 5-meal set includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Of the entire set, the most expensive is lunch (about PLN 20). We can pay a little less for breakfast and dinner (about PLN 15). The cheapest of the whole set are snacks for the second breakfast and afternoon tea. Their price ranges from PLN 5-10.

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